Welcome to the official Wayne National Forest website. The Forest is located in the hills of southeastern Ohio.


The Forest is a patchwork ownership that covers over a quarter million acres of Appalachian foothills. The Forest is divided into three units managed out of two Ranger District offices located in Nelsonville and Ironton, with a field office in Marietta.

The Forest features over 300 miles of trails for hiking, all-terrain vehicle riding, mountain biking, or horseback riding in season.  The trails are open to ATVs, mountain bikes, and horseback riders from the middle of April to the begining of December each year. Come visit the Wayne and hike or ride our trails!



Trail with Wildflowers - credit: Becky Stewart

The Wayne National Forest is pleased to announce that it will begin revising its Forest Plan in April of 2018.  Learn more about what this means and how you can get involved!


Photo Credit: Becky Stewart


Ohio University partners with Forest for Baileys Mountain Bike Trail System

The six Ohio University students selected for the summer 2017 internship program.

An outdoor recreation proposal that sprouted nearly 25 years ago has taken root thanks to the efforts of a diverse and growing group of local residents and community leaders, including several members of the Ohio University community, all of whom envision the project as a means of elevating the region. 

Events Hosted to Celebrate Appalachian Ohio National Public Lands Day

Smokey the bear meets a group of kids with smiles and high fives.

The Wayne National Forest and its partners came together to support four separate events for Appalachian Ohio National Public Lands Day from September 29 through October 1, 2017. The events were part of a coordinated regional effort to promote National Public Lands Day, a larger nationwide celebration to foster environmental stewardship and the use of public lands for education, recreation, and general health.

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Current and Recent Projects in Analysis

A team of horse riders ride along a sheer stone cliff.

Before certain activities can take place on the Wayne National Forest, we complete an analysis of the potential effects and involve the public. 


A smart phone showing the mobile tour

Check out the new mobile tour of 39 sites on the Wayne National Forest. Enjoy the Forest from your home, or, as you visit the sites listen to recorded messages with more information.


Collecting artifacts on the Wayne National Forest

old home site dump

Traces of the forest’s past occupants are common. People consider old cans or bottles trash or collectibles but they are protected by Federal law.  

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