The Dakota Prairie National Grasslands is located in both North and South Dakota.
Where is this Forest?


Welcome to the Dakota Prairie National Grasslands!

Dakota Prairie Grasslands Supervisor Dennis Neitzke

Welcome to the Dakota Prairie Grasslands,where pristine vistas inspire the imagination; where the rugged unspoiled beauty of the land invites exploration; and where the sights and sounds of the wide, rolling prairie stimulate the senses.

Stretching over 1,259,000 acres, the Dakota Prairie National Grasslands offers visitors the opportunity to view elk, antelope, whitetail and mule deer, bighorn sheep , coyotes, sharptail grouse, greater prairie chicken, pheasants, wild turkeys, eagles, falcons, and the busy prairie dogs. Recreational opportunities offer hiking, camping, horseback riding, photography, canoeing, fishing, hunting, and backpacking.


Map of the Dakota Prairie Grasslands

              Map of the Dakota Prairie Grasslands

The National Grasslands are not solid blocks of National Forest System lands; rather, they are intermingled with other federal, state, and privately owned lands. This mixed ownership pattern contributes to the uniqueness of the National Grasslands. Each of the National Grasslands has a flavor all its own. The tallgrass prairies of the Sheyenne National Grassland are a significant contrast to the stark badlands found in the Little Missouri National Grassland. The resources are as varied also; paleontological and archeological digs, oil and gas production, cattle grazing, and recreation.

Dakota Prairie Grasslands Land Resource Management Plan


New and Updated Grassland Projects

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1.   North Billings County Range Allotment Management Plan  Revision

2.   NW Sheyenne Vegetation Management Project

3.   Elkhorn Gravel Pit

4.   Greater Sage Grouse Plan Amendment




Winners of the Dakota Prairie Grasslands Coloring Contest

Katee Hollenbeck

The Dakota Prairie Grasslands announces the winners of a coloring contest. Katee from Cathedral of the Holy Spirit School of Bismarck and Eve of Edison School in Minot tied for first place. Both will receive a backpack – just in time for the school year.  The Dakota Prairie Grasslands sponsored a coloring contest for third graders across North Dakota and those schools surrounding the Grand River Ranger District in South Dakota.  There were over 600 entries representing 57 schools.  The color sheet identified a few of the important plants that grow on the Grasslands; the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid, Wild Prairie Rose and the Western Wheatgrass.

Honorable Mention winners include: Aspyn of Longfelller School, Brecken of Trinity Elementary East, David of Century Elementary – Grafton, and McKenzie of Max Public School all receiving posters.


Dakota Prairie Grassland Photos

Medora Landscape

A gallery of scenic photos from the Dakota Prairie Grasslands.


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