The Klamath National Forest is located in the northwestern part of California.
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Rugged mountains of the Marble Mountain Wilderness

The Klamath National Forest encompasses nearly 1.7 million acres of land straddling the California and Oregon border.  The Forest is divided into two sections separated by the Shasta Valley and the I-5 corridor.  In the mountains to the west, the terrain is steep and rugged. The east-side has the relatively gentler, rolling terrain of volcanic origin.  With elevations ranging from 450 to 8,900 feet above sea level, the Klamath National Forest is one of America’s most biologically diverse regions. It is situated in a transitional region between the hotter and drier areas to the south and the colder, wetter climate to the north.

The U.S. Forest Service now offers access to a variety of visitor maps for people using Android and iOS devices.

map and pin graphic that links to Avenza App PageThe PDF Maps Mobile App, developed by Avenza Systems Inc., is available as a free download from iTunes and the Android Play Store. The app provides access to Forest Service maps, such as motor-vehicle-use maps, which are free while pages from national forest atlases are 99 cents and forest visitor maps are $4.99. Prices are pending for other agency maps.

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NatureWatching can include gazing at animals from a viewing site, searching for spring wildflowers, observing the changing seasons, or immersing oneself in the clear waters of a national forest stream, among other activities. Engaging in NatureWatching activities leads to greater personal connection to the environment and the natural resources we all share.

Bird Banding; A Delicate Art and a Precise Science.

photos depicting two types of warblers and two biologists photographing a northern flicker

Public lands provide some of the most important habitat for birds across the United States. A wide variety of songbirds can be found in the diverse of habitats on the Klamath National Forest. Birds are an excellent indicator of health and function of entire ecosystems.  Monitoring birds using the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) protocol which includes bird banding is an important tool in tracking bird populations because it allows scientists to determine the condition and productivity of a local habitat area.

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Evacuation Contingency Plan and Map

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