The National Forests belong to all of us. Every 15-20 years each National Forest develops a forest plan which considers how to best manage the forest while providing for multiple uses. This video encourages the public to participate in this important process.

The Land and Resource Management Plan or "Forest Plan" is the principal document that guides the decision making of Forest Service managers. Forest Plans provide long–range management direction for the resources and uses within a national forest.

The National Forest Management Act (NFMA) is the primary statute governing the administration of national forests.

The 2012 Planning Rule interprets the NFMA and guides the amendment and revision of all land management plans.

Forest Planning

Learn more about local planning activities by viewing the "Planning" section on the website for each Pacific Southwest National Forest.



Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra Plan Revisions

The Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra are three of eight "early adopter" forests, meaning they are the first to revise their land management plans using the 2012 Forest Service Planning Rule

Northwest Forest Plan

The Pacific Northwest (OR, WA) and Pacific Southwest (CA) Regions of the U.S. Forest Service are beginning a public conversation on the process for revising forest land management plans in the Northwest Forest Plan amendment area.


Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Implementation & Monitoring

The Sierra Nevada Framework builds on more than a decade of research and land management planning.

Sierra Cascades Dialog Sessions

The intent of these sessions is to hold regular conversations among engaged stakeholders on a range of issues across the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades.


  • R5 Forest Plan Revisions: Summer 2015 Overview Link opens in a Pdf Document
  • 2012 Planning Rule

    In March 2012, the Forest Service released its final planning rule for land management planning for the National Forest System.

    The complete version of the planning rule, including the preamble and rule text, along with other related materials is available online at the link above.