Fire & Aviation

Image of six people watching a set fire remove the meadow grasses.Fire and Aviation Management in the Pacific Northwest is a cooperative effort between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the US Forest Service in close collaboration with the Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group, an interagency group with representation from five federal wildland fire agencies, two state forestry agencies, and two state fire marshal associations. Forest Service and BLM jurisdiction includes lands in both Oregon and Washington and is divided across 10 BLM districts, 19 National Forests, and the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.

Current Fire Information

Incident Business Management

Image of people creating a fire line in an open area using polaskis and shovels.The Incident Business Management Working Team was chartered by the Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group (PNWCG) to provide a coordinated interagency approach to the incident business management activites in Oregon and Washington. The working team provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between the agencies and applies an interagency approach to work on projects assigned by PNWCG. They strive for standardization among the agencies and works towards common resolution of issues in the area of incident business.

The Incident Business Management website is a collection of business items of interest to employees, incident management teams, and program managers and provides links to sites with additional information.


Interagency Hotshot Crews

Image of three fire fighters burning a tall grass meadow.

The Pacific Northwest Interagency Hotshot Crews form a proud group of members that are represented by all twelve of the IHC's in Washington and Oregon. This group is continuously working to sustain and strengthen the high standards expected of a learning organization like a hotshot crew. The PNWIHCs function under common standards set forth by the National Interagency Hotshot Crew Operations Guide. Strong leadership, adaptability, and a versatility of skills are just a few of the traits we share with other hotshot programs across the nation.