Forest & Grassland Health

 Anthony LakeThe US Forest Service Forest Health Protection (FHP) program has shared responsibility for monitoring and protecting the health of forest ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest.  We provide technical and financial assistance to federal resource managers in Oregon and Washington regarding insects, diseases, and unwanted vegetation in forest ecosystems. Similar assistance is provided through state forestry staffs to state and private resource managers. 

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Forest Health Protection staff are located in 5 field offices and the Pacific Northwest Regional Office (Region 6) -- view their contact information. 

2014 Aerial Detection Survey Data for Oregon and Washington now available

The 2014 ADS data (GIS shapefiles) have been posted. The 100k quad maps for the years 2003 - present are available here.  Learn more about the annual Aerial Detetction Surveys.


Native Forest Insects and Diseases

Conk produced by Phaeolus schweinitziiFind information about forest insects and diseases in the Pacific Northwest Region here.

Currently featured: Douglas-fir tussock moth


Invasive Species

Invasive Species: Photo of Mountain Ash Sawfly Larva.Find information about invasive species in the Pacific Northwest Region's forests here.