Current Projects

Published documents and notices for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests including Environmental Assessments, Decision Notices, Findings of No Significant Impact, Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements, and Records of Decision.

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Four Springs Trail Realignment

Reroute approximately 4.5 miles of the Four Springs Trail to improve trail sustainability, mitigate erosion and resource damage issues, and improve non-motorized recreational opportunities.

Scott Reservoir Overnight Camping Open-season Amendment

Reduce overnight camping at Scott Reservoir Campground from March 1 - November 1 to April 1 - October 15 for resource protection due to wet winter conditions.

Under Analysis

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Public Motorized Travel Management Plan

A Forest Service proposal to designate motorized travel routes (roads and trails) in areas on federal lands administered by the Forest Service within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.


Exchange of private parcels in the A-S, Coronado, Prescott, & Tonto NFs for Federal lands in Pinetop-Lakeside (T9N, R22E). Would provide land for children's camps currently under spec. use permit & result in consolid. of isolated parcels on Forests.

Fite Water Tank and Transmission Line

Permit reissue to operate and maintain and existing water tank and transmission line.

Four Forest Restoration Initiative Rim Country Project

Landscape-scale restoration on the Coconino, Apache-Sitgreaves, and Tonto National Forests of ponderosa pine ecosystems, designed to maintain, improve, and restore ecosystem structure, pattern, function, and resiliency.

R-C Mastication

Fuels reduction around the Heber-Overgaard community and Ricochet/Williams Ranch. Mastication and removal of small trees less than 12" and piling and burning.

Rim Lakes Recreation Project

Around Woods Canyon & Willow Springs Lakes: reconstruct wider roads (i.e. NFSR 105), & parking areas; construct new overflow parking lots; expand boat ramp lanes; install a fishing pier; construct an accessible path; & add picnic sites.

Wallow West Landscape Prescribed Fire Project

This project proposes prescribed fire on approximately 112,386 acres on the Springerville and Alpine Ranger Districts of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests

West Escudilla Restoration Project

The project area covers about 68,000 acres and is located on the Alpine and Springerville Ranger Districts. The proposed action will include thinning trees, prescribed fire, and watershed, wildlife habitat, and transportation improvements.

Wildbunch Allotment Management Plan (AMP) - 0103

AMP analysis for future livestock mgmt.

Wiltbank Isolated Cabin

Reissue permit for an isolated cabin used as a summer residence for recreation purposes.

Analysis Completed

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Outfitter/Guide Permit Authorization Project

A planning process that examines outfitter and guide activities and special use authorizations for hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and hiking across the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.

Apache-Sitgreaves NFs Revised Land & Resource Management Plan

Revising Forests Land and Resource Management Plan for 2.1 million acre ASNFs

Upper Rocky Arroyo Restoration Project

Restoration of vegetation, wildlife habitat, and watersheds within the Upper Rocky Arroyo Project Area.

Wildlife Habitat Planting Project

ASNFs, Springerville and Alpine Ranger Districts, propose to conduct a series of vegetation plantings designed to enhance habitat for a variety of wildlife species over multiple years.

On Hold

Heber Allotment Analysis

Allotment analysis to determine re-issuance of a term grazing permit, what grazing management strategy will be implemented in the allotment management plan (AMP), treatments for grassland restoration and maintenance, and placement of tanks and fence.

Heber Wild Horse Territory Plan

To develop a management plan for the Heber Wild Horse Territory

Heber-Overgaard Non-motorized Trail System

Create a trail system which connects the County Park with existing trails. The system would include new trails to get existing trails off of forest roads 50 and 51.

Lakeside District Office Conveyance

Analyze NF land at the Lakeside Ranger Station for sale under FS Facility Realignment & Enhancement Act (FSFREA, PL 109-54). This also involves analyzing the location of a new ranger station. There will be 2 decisions from this analysis.

Navapache System Communication Tower

Install a less than 50ft tall communication tower (repeater) on Maness Peak adjacent to Forest System Roads 14A and 14G. The repeater would help ensure communication is feasible with isolated communities along the Blue River.

Reissue Six Small ROW Permits

Six established and existing right of way permits have expired and need to be re-issued

Ryan Ranch Easement

Provide an easement to allow access to private property historically known as Ryan Ranch that would extend 942 linear feet from Forest Service Road 99A and along previously numbered Road 99M to the property. A gate may be placed at FS Road 99A


North Escudilla Livestock Grazing Allotment Analysis

Develop an allotment management plan (AMP) that accounts for current environmental conditions, identifies a management strategy in balance with overall livestock grazing allotment capacity which progresses towards achieving desired conditions.

South Fork Little Colorado River Lower Barrier Enhancement

This project has been cancelled due to need to focus on other projects.

Project Archive

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