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Heber-Reno Sheep Driveway

Analysis of use & effects of Sheep Driveway, originating on Mesa RD & terminating on Springerville RD. Driveway traverses portions of Mesa, Tonto Basin, & Pleasant Valley RDs (Tonto NF); and Black Mesa, Lakeside, and Springerville RDs (A-S NFs). Read more»


Forest Travel Management

The rule requires each National Forest and Grassland to designate where the public can operate motor vehicles. Read more»


Recreation Facilities Analysis
Recreation Facility Analysis (RFA) is a study tool being used nationally to help national forests create a sustainable program that aligns their developed recreation sites with visitors' desires and use. RFA helps ensure that developed recreation sites make sense considering each national forest's special characteristics.


Environmental Assessment for Blue River and KP Creek Wild and Scenic River Suitability Study

August 2010

Individual Chapters/Appendices

  • Chapter 1 — Purpose and Need (PDF, 70kb)
  • Chapter 2 — Description of the Area (PDF, 86kb)
  • Chapter 3 — Findings of Eligibility and Classification (PDF, 394kb)
  • Chapter 4 — Description of Alternatives (PDF, 69kb)
  • Chapter 5 — Environmental Consequences (PDF, 325kb)
  • Chapter 6 — List of Preparers (PDF, 21kb)
  • Glossary (PDF, 30kb)
  • References Cited (PDF, 27kb)
  • Appendix A — Map (PDF, 2549kb)
  • Appendix B — Eligibility Report Excerpt (PDF, 1408kb)
  • Appendix C — Blue River Fish Barrier Wild and Scenic River Free-Flow Analysis (PDF, 1505kb)
  • Appendix D — Management Direction (PDF, 97kb)
  • Appendix E — Present, Ongoing and Reasonably Foreseeable Future Actions (PDF, 61kb)
  • Appendix F — Effects of Managing a River as a Component of the NWSRS v. 042607 (PDF, 87kb)
  • Appendix G — Costs of Administering as a Wild and Scenic River (PDF, 113kb)
  • Overview of Wild and Scenic Rivers System

Forest Service Schedule of Proposed Actions
for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests

Current SOPA Report & Past SOPA Reports (NOTE: The SOPA report opens in a separate browser window.)

Heber Youth Camp Access and Utility Corridor

March 2010

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Plan


Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Fite Water Tank and Transmission Line

Permit reissue to operate and maintain and existing water tank and transmission line.

Heber Allotment Analysis

Allotment analysis to determine re-issuance of a term grazing permit, what grazing management strategy will be implemented in the allotment management plan (AMP), treatments for grassland restoration and maintenance, and placement of tanks and fence.

Navapache System Communication Tower

Install a less than 50ft tall communication tower (repeater) on Maness Peak adjacent to Forest System Roads 14A and 14G. The repeater would help ensure communication is feasible with isolated communities along the Blue River.

Wiltbank Isolated Cabin

Reissue permit for an isolated cabin used as a summer residence for recreation purposes.

Under Analysis

Beaver Creek Aquatic Organism Passage Project

This project proposes to replace the failing culverts on FSR 26 with a design to promote stream flow and aquatic organism passage.


Exchange of private parcels in the A-S, Coronado, Prescott, & Tonto NFs for Federal lands in Pinetop-Lakeside (T9N, R22E). Would provide land for children's camps currently under spec. use permit & result in consolid. of isolated parcels on Forests. See other documents here:

Lakeside District Office Conveyance

Analyze NF land at the Lakeside Ranger Station for sale under FS Facility Realignment & Enhancement Act (FSFREA, PL 109-54). This also involves analyzing the location of a new ranger station. There will be 2 decisions from this analysis.

Langkilde Road Easement

A road easement to provide legal access to 20 acre parcel in NW corner of Section 23, owned by Langkilde family. This analysis will also cover utilities to the parcel co-located in the road easement.

Larson Forest Restoration Project

The project area covers about 30,000 acres and is located on the Black Mesa Ranger District. The proposed action will include thinning trees, prescribed fire, and watershed, wildlife habitat, and transportation improvements.

Show Low South Land Exchange

A proposal to exchange 1028 acres Federal Land (Apache-Sitgreaves NFs & Coconino NF) for 1558 acres of non federal lands (Apache-Sitgreaves, Prescott and Coconino NF).

South Fork Little Colorado River Lower Barrier Enhancement

Prepare National Environmental Policy Act documentation for the post-Wallow Fire enhancement of the barrier with design guidance criteria.

Springerville/Alpine Trailhead Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment for Escudilla Trailhead and 12th Street Trailhead.

Wallow Fire Bark Beetle Prevention Project

Hand-staple pheromone tags to trees burned in Wallow Fire in MSO habitat (1,200 ac) and 3 campgrounds (426 ac) to prevent bark beetle attacks. Funnel trap monitoring (24 acres) next to forest roads. Repeat in future years until outbreak subsides

Wildbunch Allotment Management Plan (AMP) - 0103

AMP analysis for future livestock mgmt.

Analysis Completed

Apache Trout Enhancement Project Rotenone Amendment

This supplement adds the use of Rotenone and Sodium Permangonate to the existing project.

Pueblo Park Mineral Materials Pit

Develop new mineral materials pit to provide materials for road maintenance in Greenlee County and to authorize Greenlee County to utilize pit.

Rim Lakes Forest Restoration Project

Project along Mogollon Rim approx. 33,510 acres. Need to thin forest to reduce fuels and promote forest health, and reduce the threat of extreme fire. Broadcast burning proposed of 32, 532 acres and thinning of approximately 24,655 acres.

Second Knoll Shooting Range

Analyze and develop an 80 acre shooting range including access road. A Special Use Permit will be issued to Arizona Game & Fish Department. AZGFD will partner with White Mountain Shooters Association for the long term operation & maintenance.

Woodland Lake Park Tract Townsite Act Purchase

A town of Pinetop-Lakeside proposal for the phased purchase of 543 acres of federal lands administered by the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. Recent decision of Alternative 2 of the EA.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.