Middle Fork Weiser River Landscape Restoration Project

This project is in the planning phase. It covers approximately 50,000 acres and is in the Weiser -Little Salmon Headwaters Collaborative Forest Restoration Project area. Opportunities for forest and watershed restoration will be assessed.

Location Summary

Middle Fork of the Weiser River Watershed, 10 miles southeast of Council, Idaho

District: Council Ranger District

Project Documents

  • Pre-Scoping

    • MiddleForkWeiserRiverDRAFT_TAP (PDF 1995kb)
      This is the Draft Travel Analysis Process for the Middle Fork Weiser River Landscape Assessment.
    • MFWRLRP_TAP_Update_20131115 (PDF 176kb)
      This document includes updates to Table 4 included in the June 2013 Draft TAP. This table displays Interdisciplinary Team Recommendation to road segments in the process to identify a recommended road system for the planning area.
    • MFWR_TAP_Mapbook_Update_Legal_20131115 (PDF 6078kb)
      This map displays udates to the June 18, 2013 TAP maps listed above. It highlights roads that have changed in recommendation.
    • MFWR_TAP_Mapbook_Update_WithNonSysRds_Legal_20131115 (PDF 6123kb)
      This map displays udates to the TAP maps created in June 2013 displaying results from the TAP document. It highlights roads that have changed in recommendation.
    • MFWR_TAP_MapbookUpdateCleanWithNonSysRdsLegal_20131115 (PDF 6092kb)
      This map is identical to the MFWR_TAP_Mapbook_Update_WithNonSysRds_Legal_20131115 posted except it does not highlight roads with a changed IDT Recommendation. It merely displays the up to date TAP recommendations.
    • GISDATA_MFWR_TAP_RoadData_20131223 (PDF 649kb)
      IMPORTANT! THIS IS A ZIP FILE. ONCE DOWNLOADED CHANGE THE FILE EXTENSION FROM .pdf to .zip. This zip file contains shapefiles for the current Transportation Analysis Process for the project, a layer file and selected metadata.
    • TAP_Update_20140129 (PDF 2774kb)
      This is a powerpoint presentation presented by Melanie Vining, West Zone Hydrologist, at the January 28, 2014 Payette Forest Coalition meeting in McCall, Idaho. The topic was an update on the Travel Analysis Process for the project.
    • MFWR_LandscapeAssessment20141210 (PDF 8891kb)
      This Landscape Assessment is planning document which assesses the existing condition of the Project and was prepared in December 2014. Updates to the data used in this document are expected in winter of 2014, based on recently collected information. A revised version of the Landscape Assessment is expected to be released that reflects these updates. Minor changes are expected and conclusions drawn from the underlying data in this document are expected to remain unchanged in the revision.
    • MFWR_ProposedAction_20141210 (PDF 234kb)
      This is a draft Proposed Action. A final Proposed Action is expected in mid-December.
    • MFWR_ProposedAction_PFC_Recommendations_Comparison_20141210 (PDF 281kb)
      This document was presented at the Payette Forest Coalition meeting on December 10, 2014 in McCall Idaho. It compares the PFC recommendations to the USFS draft proposal.
    • MFWR_20141217_ProposedActionMap (PDF 8492kb)
      /Map that displays the proposed action - updated 12/17/14