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Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Trail Report

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Latest Updates -- June 7, 2018

Crews continue working hard to assess, repair and stabilize closed trails across the CRGNSA and Mt. Hood National Forest trails, following strict safety protocols. Remember, closed areas are not yet safe for the public and entering them not only puts hikers at risk, but endangers crews. Search and Rescue responders may not be able to assist hikers who enter the closure area and need emergency response.   

Trails that start at Starvation Creek State Park have been popular since they recently reopened, but parking is limited. Carpool, go early, or go mid-week. Hikers are reminded that there are many natural hazards at Starvation Ridge and Mt. Defiance trails – these are rugged trails.

Check Eagle Creek Fire Closure for closure information before heading out on hikes and remain only on open trails. Always look for closure signs and observe them, because they mark closed trails that lead into dangerous, heavily impacted areas. Violators that enter closed areas are subject to citations and fines.

Multnomah Falls Lodge and lower viewing platform are open but only accessible via the I-84 parking lot. During peak periods, a shuttle from Rooster Rock is available to alleviate congestion in the I-84 lot; follow signs if the lot is full. The Columbia River Historic Highway and many CRGNSA trails east of Sandy River Delta on the Oregon side of the National Scenic Area remain closed. We continue to work with partners, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Oregon State Parks to coordinate work on trails closed by the Eagle Creek Fire.

Permits are required to hike Dog Mountain on Saturdays and Sundays this year, through July 1. These can be obtained online or by riding the Dog Mountain Shuttle at Skamania Fairgrounds.  Learn more at Hike Dog Mountain.

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About Our Trail Maintenance

Reports are updated based on the latest staff and visitor observations. Yet, wilderness is wild and conditions can change very quickly in the forest! Please be prepared to encounter unexpected obstacles (logs, trail washouts, overgrown sections) on your hike.

To report downed trees on the trail, call (541) 308-1700. Please note the number of trees, approximate location on the trail, and approximate tree diameter. (Tip: can you wrap your arms around it or is it bigger?)