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The Daniel Boone National Forest provides a wide range of fishing opportunities. From the open waters of lakes and ponds to the shady banks of rivers and streams, anglers will find a perfect place to enjoy their favorite sport. A Kentucky state fishing license and compliance with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources are required. Young anglers may enjoy the kids free fishing derbies hosted on each district the first weekend in June.

View TreadLightly! tips for Responsible Fishing.

Boat Ramp Rules and Regulations

The Daniel Boone National Forest cooperates with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources in KDFWR's trout stocking program. View the Trout Stocking Schedule.

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers

Non-native plants and animals are invading our lakes and streams. These aquatic hitchhikers:

  • Ruin boat engines and jam equipment;
  • Harm game fish and native species;
  • Raise operating costs of water and power plants.

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