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Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Trail Update

Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Restrictions

Trail Updates


The Kootenai National Forest has a great selection of trails for day trips or serious backpacking. Check out the plethora of opportunities in the links on this page.

Our Hiking, Backpacking and Camping fact sheet will help you stay in compliance with the mandatory food storage order.

The trail update spreadsheet provides information on trails that have been cleared (logged out, brushed, or rock/debris removed) by Forest Service personnel, partners or volunteers. A cleared trail will generally be passable for use, with any important information noted in the remarks section.

The trail update spreadsheet will be updated on Fridays throughout the summer. the date the trail was cleared may be a year or more old, as not every trail is cleared every year.

The spreadsheet includes all managed trails on the Kootenai National Forest. The trail information can be sorted by District, Trail Number or Trail Name by using the drop down arrows next to those columns.

Visitors are welcome to travel on any trails on the National Forest, but need to be aware of the potential for downfall and hazards, especially if the trail has not been cleared recently. Even if the trail is listed as having been cleared this year, there could be new downfall from weather events and/or wildfires.

Visitors are encouraged to contact local Ranger District Offices for current road and trail information and possible closures due to fire.

Rexford Rd - 949 Hwy 93 Eureka, MT 59917 (406)296-2536

Three Rivers RD - 12858 Hwy 2 Troy, MT 59935 (406)295-4693

Libby Rd - 12557 Hwy 37 Libby, MT 59923 (406)293-7773

Cabinet RD - 2693 Hwy 200 Trout Creek, MT 59874 (406)827-3533



The Kootenai National Forest partners with several organizations in managing trails, recreation and educational events across the forest. These organizations have a formal partnership (agreement), in which their missions support the Forest Service mission.

Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Hikes or stewardship events

Yaak Valley Forest Council Youth camps 

Montana Wilderness Association  Hikes

Cabinet Back Country Horsemen Projects and rides

Trout Creek Back Country Horsemen Projects and rides

The Forest Service does not endorse the project or organization at the web destination, nor does the Forest Service exercise any responsibility over the content at the web destination.


District Brochures:

Three Rivers Ranger District

Cabinet Ranger District

Rexford/Fortine Ranger District                  

Libby Ranger District


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