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Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation, including ATV and motorcycle use, is just one of the many uses allowed on National Forest lands. It is your responsibility to know and abide by regulations relating to motor vehicle travel (MVUM). Federal law prohibits operation of any mechanical or motorized equipment within the boundaries of a Wilderness or other special closure areas.

Highlighted Areas

The following areas are a great place to enjoy this sport.

Koocanusa Reservoir Area Highway and non-highway vehicles are allowed in the draw down area of over 3,000 acres below the high water mark (with exception of areas signed on the ground for resource protection). Season of use is mid-January through mid-May depending on lake level. Good access to these areas can be found at Tobacco Flats where there is a turn around, single vehicle parking, and a toilet. Back up the road about a half of a mile is an open area with an unloading ramp and plenty of room for trailer parking and dispersed camping.   For more information contact Rexford Ranger District at 406-296-2536.

Douglas Hill OHV Area has three main access points. A toilet is located at the campground accessing this area of approximately 200 acres of designated OHV (highway and non-highway) area and 9 miles of designated trails. For more information contact Rexford Ranger District at 406-296-2536.

Marten Creek Bay – Parking at Kismit Trail #811(open to vehicles 50” or less in width) trailhead.   Access on forest system roads (open to highway legal vehicles) to: Marten, Pilgrim, Elk Creek loop routes; Shoshone Creek (Idaho) loop route; and Minton and Meadow Peak lookout rentals.  For more information contact Cabinet Ranger Station at 406-827-3533.

Jack Pine Flats – Native parking, toilet, 2 campsites with fire ring and table.  Access on forest system roads (open to highway legal vehicles) to: Big Beaver Creek loop and Eagle Creek (Idaho). For more information contact Cabinet Ranger at Station 406-827-3533.

Licensing & Registration Requirements

Licensing and registration requirements for ATVs, UTVs, and motorbikes changed in 2009. Please visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks OHV webpage for detailed information about the rules and regulations for these vehicles. If you wish to speak to someone about the requirements, call one of these county assessor offices:

  • Lincoln County - (406) 293-7781 ext 244
  • Sanders County - (406) 827-6924

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