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Graphic of invasive clams, with message, Look What the Craft Dragged In.
For information on how to avoid transporting aquatic invasive species into Lake Tahoe, visit

Sparkling lakes and rivers provide numerous opportunities to test your angling skill.  Try some of the suggestions, then as you become more familiar with the forest, go exploring on your own!

To prevent over fishing and to give the fish a chance to reproduce naturally, rules and regulations have been made.  Several lakes and streams are closed to fishing year round.  Some of the lakes and streams are catch and release only.  Before fishing, pick up a current copy of the State Fish and Game regulations from our office.  Fishing licenses can be obtained from local sporting goods stores.  Failure to obtain a fishing license or to follow rules and regulations can result in stiff fines.  Follow the links provided below for more information on Fishing at Lake Tahoe.

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