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Follow the links listed below to view maps of trails located around the Lake Tahoe Basin.  The hikes are organized by location in relation to Lake Tahoe.  You will find maps for the south, north, east, and west shores of Lake Tahoe and a map for Meiss Country located south of the Lake Tahoe Basin.  When hiking, a topographic map and compass are recommended.  Forest maps are always helpful and are available for purchase from our office.  For more information, please contact us.

Weather conditions can change rapidly.  Be prepared with the proper clothing and equipment, no matter how short the hike.  Bring water and food to prevent dehydration and exhaustion.  If you bring your pet on the trail, put it on a leash to minimize its impact on wildlife and other visitors.  Observe common courtesy and follow trail regulations.

Backcountry users need to obtain a Wilderness Permit for any hike into Desolation Wilderness.  Day hikers can obtain a permit at the self-service stations located at the trailheads.  Overnight users must obtain a permit and pay fees in person at the Forest Service Supervisor's Office or the Taylor Creek Visitor Center.  Please educate yourself on Outdoor Safety and Wilderness Ethics.


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