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Thinking about fishing somewhere new this spring? Then visit the National Forests in Mississippi. Diverse fishing opportunities exist within 6 national forests stretching from the Tennessee state line to the Gulf Coast.  Within these National Forests are over 6100 acres of small impoundments and oxbow lakes, and 650 miles of rivers and streams that are open to the public for fishing.  These waters offer some of the finest fishing in the state.  In the small impoundments the opportunity exists for anglers to catch largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, crappie, and channel catfish.  Spotted bass, longear sunfish, crappie and channel catfish are abundant in our slow-flowing rivers and streams.  Oxbow lakes and sloughs offer anglers the opportunity to catch unique fish such as bowfin, smallmouth buffalo, and gar

Fisheries management is being practiced on the waters to help meet the increasing demand for recreational fishing.  Management practices for lakes and ponds include:  fertilization to increase fish production, installation of brush fish attractors to provide cover for fish, installations of gravel beds to provide spawning habitat for fish, and construction of boat ramps and fishing piers to provide access for anglers.  Management practices for streams and rivers primarily involve protecting natural habitat and maintaining good water quality for fish.

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Rivers and Streams:

Over 650 miles of fishable streams are available to the public on the National Forests in Mississippi. Diverse opportunities exist ranging from wading small creeks in search of spotted bass and longear sunfish to fishing the larger rivers for catfish and crappie. Stream fishing is particularly popular on the DeSoto National Forest in the southeastern section of the state. Float trips along Black Creek and Red Creek are extremely popular. The turbid slow flowing streams of the Delta National Forest are home to large catfish and also provide excellent opportunities for crappie during the spring.

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For Fishing Licensing, Regulations, and Limit Questions … Please contact:

 Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks
1505 Eastover Drive
Jackson, MS  39211-6374
(601) 432-2400

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

For Forest Management, Camping, ATV Use, and Recreation Questions … Please contact:

 National Forests in Mississippi
100 W. Capitol Street, Suite 1141
Jackson, MS  39269
(601) 965-1600