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There a several trailheads and a large number of trails to be found in the Sierra National Forest.  Several of these criss-cross the wilderness areas offering the hiker an opportunity to view wildlife and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. 

Below is a table listing each of trailheads on the Forest.  Each link will take you to information about that trailhead and the trails that are associated with it.

Trails and Trailhead Elevation Length Difficulty Location Comments
Bear Ridge 7,600     Edison Lake Area. Access to the Pacific Crest
Trail from this trailhead.
College Rock 9,076 5 Miles   Kaiser Wilderness Parking at trailhead.
Kaiser Wilderness Various       Follow the link for an
interactive map detailing
trailheads that provide
access to the Kaiser
Mono Creek 7,600     Edison Lake Area Access to the Devil's
Bathtub; Graveyard
Lakes; Quail Meadows;
Pacific Crest Trails from
this trailhead.
Nellie Lake 9,200 10 Miles
Round Trip
  Kaiser Wilderness Parking at trailhead.
Requires 3 hours
and multiple stops
due to steepness.
Rancheria Falls 7200' at the trailhead to
8,120' at the base of the falls
2 Miles
Round Trip
Gentle grade. Steep at the base of the Falls.
Lake Area
Parking and
restrooms at

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