OHV Riding & Camping

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Many people with different interests may be enjoying an area at the same time. Trail and camping courtesy are essential for everyone to have an enjoyable experience. Be a good neighbor and extend the same courtesy and consideration to those around you as you expect from them. If you are using a Off-Highway Vehicle please follow the rules below when using trails: 

•Motorcycles Yield to All
•Bicycles Yield to Equestrians and Hikers
•Hikers Yield to Equestrians

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The use of National Forest Lands for organized recreation events, such as enduros, poker runs, and rallies, requires a Special Use Permit. Contact the District Office responsible for the administration of the area for details and requirements.


The Sierra National Forest offers a variety of trail riding experiences. In general, off-highway vehicles can operate on any road or trail that is designated with a OHV marker ( a jeep symbol). California Vehicle Code and Green Sticker laws apply on all National Forest roads.

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