Winter Sports

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Winter is a beautiful time to explore the Sierra National Forest.

There are many forms of winter recreation. They include:

Come Join In! The Forest Service Volunteer Program

Many clubs and individuals volunteer time and energy to your National Forest. This commitment helps insure quality recreation opportunities. Volunteer activities include trail maintenance and construction, resource rehabilitation, and trail patrol. Anyone who wants to become involved may apply. Contact the volunteer coordinator at the High Sierra Ranger District at (559) 855-5360. The volunteer program offers you an opportunity to promote your recreation activity and helps insure the future of your sport.

Sierra Snowmobile Patrol / Pineridge Nordic Ski Patrol

The Sierra Snowmobile Association and the Pineridge Nordic Ski Patrol are an intricate part of our Winter Recreation Program. They provide many volunteer hours to maintain and patrol the trails on the High Sierra Ranger District. Patrol members are available to provide information concerning locations of trail routes, length of routes, points of interest, permissible activities, and guidelines for each area, Look for them wearing Forest Service green windbreakers with volunteer patches. If you have questions concerning the winter recreation areas, please take the time to contact them. If you are interested in the volunteer program, please contact the district office at (559) 855-5355.

Winter Travel Safety

Be aware of the hazards of winter travel. Harsh conditions of wind, cold, snow or whiteout can turn an outing into a tragedy. Knowledge of the area, weather, route and limitations of your body and equipment, plus a little common sense can insure a safe and enjoyable trip.  more

Wildlife Watch

There are several types of wildlife out and about during the winter months. Not all wildlife hibernate or migrate in the Sierra mountains during winter.  more

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities