Alerts & Notices


Preparation and safety are of utmost importance while recreating in the national forest.  Please observe safety alerts and notices before your excursion to the forest.  Simply knowing the current conditions, closures and alerts prepares you for a pleasurable outdoor visit, free from any surprise that could deter your fun!

Rules and Closure Orders

In order to ensure the health and safety of forest visitors now and in the future, we ask you to follow the guidelines established to protect the forest and the natural environment. Long term and temporary closure orders and prohibitions are posted on the website, posted on bulletin boards, or located in the district or supervisor’s office. Alerts and Closures are posted below, as well.

Closure and Restrictions Map


  • Stage II Fire Restrictions Mt. Taylor, Magdalena, Mountainair, and Sandia RDs
  • 03-0723 Kiowa/Rita-Blanca Stage II Fire Restrictions
  • 03-0722 Black Kettle/McClellan Creek Areas Stage II Fire Restrictions
  • 03-0719 Lake Marvin & McClellan Creek Areas Stage II Fire Restrictions
  • 03-0714 Food Storage Restrictions - Mountainair and Sandia Ranger District
  • Discharging a firearm, air rifle, or gas gun
  • Tips on reporting suspicious activity on the forest


  • Critical Amended - Bear Trap Fire Area Closure, Road and Trails Closure
  • 03-0721 Temp Closure Order for Trails within Zuni Mountains
  • Regional Closure Order - Fireworks, Explosives and Sparks
  • Regional Motor Vehicle Code
  • 03-0656 Sandia RD: Juan Tabo / La Cueva Picnic Area Use Closure Hours
  • 03-0645 Cibola NF: Camping Limit, Alcohol & Nudity Restrictions