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Law Enforcement and Investigation (LEI) - Closure Orders

The following are summaries of prohibited acts on the National Forests in Mississippi. A copy of each of the Forest Supervisor's Orders can be obtained from the Supervisor's Office in Jackson or any one of the six Ranger District Offices.

Forest-wide Closure Orders: (2007 documents 1 - 11 and 2012 are combined into one document) 

2007-00-01 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-02 Forest Development Roads

2007-00-03 Alcoholic Beverages

2007-00-04 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-05 Use of Vehicles on Forest Development Roads

2007-00-06 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-07 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-08 Occupancy and Use

2007-00-09 Forest Developmental Roads and Trails

2007-00-11 Commercial Hauling Prohibition

2012-00-01 Special Closure

Bienville National Forest Closure Orders: (All 2007, 2012, and 2017 documents combined here)

2017-01-01 Authorized Off-Highway Vehicle Trave Routes

2017-01-00 Recreational and Historical Sites, Facilities, and Structures

2012-01-00 Motor Vehicle Closures of Forest Service Roads

2007-01-06 Wildlife Management Area

2007-01-05 Walk-In Areas for Turkey Hunting Season

2007-01-01 Seasonal Motor Vehicle Road Closures of Forest Service Roads

Chickaswhay Ranger District Closure Orders:

2007-05-05 Occupancy and Use: Turkey Fork Recreation Area

Delta National Forest Closure Orders:

2018-03-12 Emergency Closure Order

De Soto National Forest Closure Orders:

2004-02-15 Special Closure

Holly Springs National Forest Closure Orders:

2007-07-03  Occupancy and Use

Homochitto National Forest Closure Orders:

2007-04-01 Occupancy and Use

Tombigbee National Forest Closure Orders:

2017-17-03 Occupancy and Use


  • NF in MS partially reopens some Developed Recreation Areas
  • National Forests in Mississippi to temporarily close Developed Recreation Areas
  • Delta NF roads closed 715C & 703D due to flooding
  • Shock. Base Camp I Remains Closed
  • Prescribed Burn Maps
  • Burn Bans 76 of 82 Counties: Drought Conditions Persist
  • Delta National Forest Reopens
  • Clear Springs Recreation Area NOW OPEN

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Public Notices

Prescribed Burn Maps

Shows the areas scheduled to be treated with prescribed burning in the current or upcoming year

Surface Use Plan of Operation

Two Surface Use Plans of Operation have been submitted and under review by the De Soto National Forest