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Forest Closures and Advisories

Please check this page for alerts regarding forest closures due to fire, inclement weather or dangerous conditions. For recreation area and OHV trail closures, visit the:

Recreation Conditions Report

atvwc_000.jpgor call the Call Before You Haul hotline at 803-561-4025 for the most recent trails status. This Web site is updated Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. It is not updated on weekends and federal holidays.


Forest Roads and Trails

The Motor Vehicle Visitor Use Maps (MVUMs) for the Francis Marion National Forest and the Sumter National Forest are updated yearly. Ask for one at the district offices. Fall floods have still left some damage and closures:

  • Enoree seasonal roads open: FS 301B; 324; 327B; 331; 394B. Closed for eagle nesting: FS 301F; H.
  • Long Cane closed for flood damage: FS 516; 550A; 505 at milepost 2, Curtail Creek bridge.
  • Francis Marion roads closed as of 10/05/2017:  FS 103A (Old Wing); FS 124 ( Freeman); FS 136 (Makie); FS 198 (Callum); FS 130 (Cordesville); FS 158 (Hell Hole); FS 158A (Hell Hole A); FS 158B (Hell Hole B): FS 158D (Hell Hole D); FS 176 (Cumbee); FS 265 (Dog Swamp); FS 220C (Has no name); FS 128 (Wadboo); FS 173 (Harlston Dam); FS 266 (Slash); FS 135 (Litchfield); FS 170 (North Hampton-At Bridges); FS 5015 (Has no name); FS 258 (Summerhouse-Between FS 251H Lotte And Copperhead Road); FS 150A (Guilliard A); FS 167 (Burnd Cane); FS 167A (Burned Cane A); FS 168 (Thomas); FS 182 (Bennett Branch); FS 179B (Bennett Branch B); FS 224 (Cooter Creek); FS 5161 (Has no name); FS 251K (Tanner-Between Avenue and Witherbee Road); FS 134 (Wright-At Culbert Washout); FS 204 (Echaw-At Washout near Waterhorn)


  • Buck Hall Campground-Closed-Oct 19, 2018, Noon
  • Twin Ponds Rifle Range-Closed
  • Updated Closures-10-11-2018
  • Enoree Ranger District Closures-Updated Oct 12
  • Long Cane Rec Sites-(Updated Oct.12)
  • Francis Ranger District Overnight Camping Sites-Closed(Updated Oct. 12)
  • Wambaw Cycle Trail South Loop - Closed -Timber Harvest
  • Closed Roads on the Francis Marion as of 10-5-18

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  • Enoree Ranger District Rifle Range Cleaning Schedule


Current Weather Conditions

Current weather conditions across South Carolina's national forests.