Bitterroot National Forest Special Orders


Order No. 99-SO-01   Possession, storing or transporting marijuana on National Forest System Lands

Order No. 04-Bitt-09   Possession of Alcoholic beverage by persons under the age of 21 on National Forest System Lands

Order No. 12-Bitt-47   Occupancy and Use


Stevensville Ranger District

Order No. 05-D1-47  Occupancy and Use at Bass Creek Recreation Area

Order No. 12-D1-80  Special Restrictions Bass Creek Recreation Area


Darby Ranger District

Order No. 95-D2-02  Lake Como Swim Area - North shore of Lake Como

Order No. 97-D2-01  Watercraft safety at Lake Como

Order No. 02-D2-14  Lake Como Spillway

Special Order  Lake Como Recreation Area prohibited use of vehicles off National Forest System Roads


Sula Ranger District

Order No. 99-03-23  Chief Joseph Pass Cross Country Ski Trails prohibiting pets on trails from 11/1 - 4/15

Order No. 06-D3-85  Motorized vehicles are prohibited from the junction of Trail 313 and Trail 39 to the junction of Trail 19

Order No. 07-D3-07  Lost Trail Ski Area prohibited use of motorized vehicles off of National Forest System Roads


West Fork Ranger District

Special Order  All Bitterroot NF Land within Idaho - Possessing or transporting any part of a tree or plant is prohibited

Special Order  West Fork Bitterroot Rd #91 - Using any vehicle with a GVW over 16, 000 pounds

Special Order  Motorized vehicle use restrictions either seasonally or yearlong on Lookout Mountain North and Southside Overwhich

Special Order  Use of motorized vehicles restricted on Southside Overwhich Road #5700 and Overwhich Trail #674

Special Order  Restrictions on portions of the Selway River that is designated as part of the National Wild and Scenic River System

Order No. 01-D4-01  Overwhich Trail #674 restrictions for motorized use from 10/15 thru 12/1








Avalanche survey image

Bitterroot NF employee assessing avalanche conditions