Fire Information for the Gorge

Report a Wildfire: Call 911 or contact the Columbia Cascade Communication Center (WACCC) at (360) 891-5140.   

As of Sept. 23, 2023, Public Use Restrictions are rescinded.

Read the Forest Order for more information.

What are Fire Restrictions?

When fuel moistures and weather conditions create increased wildfire potential in the Columbia River Gorge, public fire restrictions are put in place on Forest Service-managed lands. These fire restrictions help reduce the chance of a human-caused wildfire start. 

These restrictions are always carefully considered and are based on data prior to being implemented. Depending on the level of fire restriction, you may be able to use a propane stove or portable campfire for that highly enjoyable and coveted ambiance and means to enjoying a delicious s'more.

Restrictions can affect where you are allowed to smoke, the types of roads you can travel, and where – or even if – you are allowed to have a campfire. We always recommend to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a major wildland-urban interface. Help us prevent wildfire by being aware of current fire dangers and restrictions.

  • Current Fire Info

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    Find information on active wildfires of significant size and duration as well as information about current fire closures.

  • More Fire Restrictions Information

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    The Scenic Area follows state fire danger levels and restrictions. 

  • Fire Management

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    The Columbia River Gorge is a challenging and dynamic fire environment. We fight fire aggressively due to the wildland-urban interface, and we have a proactive fuels management program.

  • Firewise Tips

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    Help reduce the risk of wildfire damage and loss by learning more about the Firewise USA™ program, which provides proven tools and resources to help you minimize your exposure to wildfire hazards.

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