Gorge Trail Recovery Team

What is the Gorge Trail Recovery Team?

Logo: A seedling with the river in the background.The Gorge Trails Recovery Team independently formed in September 2017 and consists of four organizations including Trailkeepers of Oregon, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, and Washington Trails Association (WTA). They formed around the common goal of leveraging the high level of volunteer interest that resulted from the Eagle Creek Fire. Each organization will continue to do its own volunteer outreach and fundraising, but they are collaborating to offer a suite of complementary training programs and work parties.

As we begin repairs on trails impacted by the Eagle Creek Fire, the Forest Service will identify project work and the types of volunteer skills needed. Our partners in the Gorge Trails Recovery Team will assist by matching willing and trained volunteer crews to the work, providing crew leaders for work parties, ensuring volunteers are adequately trained, and ensuring safety protocols are followed. They will also help with tracking volunteer hours and accomplishments. The Forest Service is inspired by this new trail coalition and very grateful for their support.

The Gorge Trails Recovery Team is looking for more volunteers and is particularly in need of volunteer crew leaders with trail experience that are willing to step up and help with this effort. To learn how you can get involved, visit these four websites or follow along on Facebook: