Buzzard Roost Watchable Wildlife Site

wildlife.gif (679 bytes) This high prominent lookout above the Ohio River offers a beautiful view of the river and the patchwork of farmland across in Kentucky. Fall colors are spectacular.

Here you have a high probability of viewing hawks and turkey vultures soaring on thermal air currents rising from the river valley during the summer. Bald eagle are often seen along the river in winter. Woodland songbirds are common in the forested areas along the river.

Hunting is permitted on these public lands so use caution during any hunting seasons.

Size: 80 acres.

For information on the picnic area and more pictures and information on Buzzard Roost, click here.

Vicinity Map for Buzzard Roost Overlook, located approximately 2 miles north of Magnet:

Buzzard.gif (5864 bytes)


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