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Page Updated: July 9, 2024 - Updated weekly

This page is updated regularly with the latest job information for the Northern Region (Region 1, R1) Forest Service. We offer a variety of opportunities ranging from student programs to volunteer programs, and full time and temporary employment for people with skills in several hundred areas. Come work with us.

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To determine if you qualify for jobs and grades, please visit OPM's Basic Requirements.

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Open and Continuous Job Announcements

Open and continuous announcements are job advertisements that are open for long periods of time and include almost every duty station in the Forest Service nationwide. These open and continuous announcements provide the Forest Service with a pool of applicants when vacancies occur. Eligibility and qualifications will be verified when there is a vacancy for the location and grade for which you applied. Applications will expire every 90 days. To remain active for consideration, applicants must resubmit their application. Information on specific locations where jobs are being filled and the dates when applications are due for these locations can be found at Outreaches, or at the list below.

Open and Continuous Job Announcements Ready for Application in R1

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Open and Continuous Job Announcements

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