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Thank you for visiting the 1910 Fire Commemoration Information site. This web site is designed to assist you in locating information on both the Fires of 1910 and the Commemoration events of 2010 that occured in Northern Idaho and Western Montana.  Please use the Quick Links panel to the right for navigating the site.

The Fires of 1910 touched individuals, families, firefighters, army personnel, communities, and indeed people worldwide during the summer of 1910. As you will see by some of the eye-witness accounts, reports and excerpts from Forest Service employees, news releases, newspaper accounts and photos - the fires had a large impact on both people and natural resources. To many residents of communities within the fires' impact area, The 1910 Fires are still a topic of discussion each summer when smoke is in the air.

Many programs in the USDA Forest Service evolved from the 1910 Fires and their aftermath. Indeed, one can say that this event was the young Forest Service’s “trial by fire” that led to solidifying support of the agency during its turbulent beginning.

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Catch all of the event festivities in photos at our Flickr site for the 1910 Commemoration!
The Trout Creek, Avery, Idaho and Buffalo Soldier visit to Fort Missoula photos are now available.



We have also created a slideshow of Commemoration events on Flickr in case you were not able to attend.


Monte Dolack Fires of 1910 poster.

1910 Commemorative Items Available

More information about photos, publications (Day Trip Guide), Monte Dolack Poster, and postcards here!