Road Closures and Parking Lot Statuses

Current Road Closures

  • 1N01 Pipes Canyon (Forest Order)
  • 1N37A Bean Flat Spur (Forest Order)
  • 1N55 Rokolai Road (El Dorado Fire Closure, Forest Order)
  • 1N75 Hathaway West Road (El Dorado Fire Closure, Forest Order)
  • 1N86 Hill Ranch Road (El Dorado Fire Closure, Forest Order)
  • 1N86B Stetson Holllow Road (El Dorado Fire Closure, Forest Order)
  • 1N96 Keller Peak Road (Winter Seasonal Closure)
  • 2N13 Snow Slide (Forest Order
  • 2N13B Butler Peak (Forest Order
  • 2N19 Little Green Valley (Forest Order)
  • 2N26Y Hook Creek Road (Forest Order)
  • 2N43 Sawpit Canyon (Forest Order)
  • 2N68 Old Snow Slide (Inaccessible due to 2N13 closure)
  • 2N70 Grays Peak (Forest Order)
  • 2N80 Grout Creek Cutoff (Inaccessible due to 2N13 closure)
  • 3N34C Splinter's Cabin (Forest Order)
  • 3N61 Jacoby Canyon (Forest Order) 
  • 4S01 Black Mountain, one mile after Black Mountain Group Campground at Overlook Rock (Winter Seasonal Closure)
  • 4S02 Dark Canyon (Forest Order)

Parking Lot Statuses

The following parking lots are closed: 

  • Baylis Park
  • Crest Park
  • Forsee Trailhead
  • Grout Bay Picnic Area
  • Grays Peak Trailhead
  • Meadows Edge Picnic Area
  • Momyer Trailhead
  • San Bernardino Peak Trailhead
  • Switzer Park
  • Thurman Flats Picnic Area parking lot

(This list was last updated on 5/7/2021)

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