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Wishon Canyon
Giant Sequoia National Monument

Wishon road intersects highway 190 at the PG&E powerhouse. This road follows the North branch of the Middle Fork of the Tule River which originates in the Golden Trout Wilderness. This area offers fishing, hiking and camping. Stay overnight at Wishon campground or rent the Wishon Guard Station. Trail 30E14 follows the river from Wishon through Mountain Home State Forest and provides summertime access to the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Just above Wishon Campground is the small private community of Doyle Springs (no services available). Stay on trails to avoid trespassing on private property. Six small remnant giant sequoia groves grow along this drainage; Wishon, Silver Creek, Burro, Maggie Mountain, Middle Tule, and Upper Tule Groves.

Wishon Canyon map

Balch Park and Mountain Home State Forest. Bear Creek Road and Balch Park Road meet to form a loop at the Mountain Home State Forest in the mountain Home Grove of giant sequoias. This popular recreation area is open from mid-May to mid-November until snow closes the road. The area is popular with local residents from the Central Valley for hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and general day use.

Within the State Forest is Balch Park, a campground with a small museum highlighting the historic logging of this beautiful grove. Balch Park is operated by Tulare County Parks and Recreation. Two mill ponds are now popular fishing spots stocked regularly during the recreation season.

The State Forest also manages a large number of camping sites including a group camp. Balch Park pack station operates out of the State Forest taking pack trips into the Golden Trout Wilderness. The Mountain Home guard station, located just outside the State Forest, is a Forest Service facility operated by concessionaire and available for overnight rental. Reservations are required (www.recreation.gov).

Recreation Service Partners

Success Lake. Administered by the Army corps of Engineers; camping, boating, fishing, and hunting. For more information call 559-784-0215.

Mountain Home State Forest is operated seasonally (May 15 to November 15, weather depending) by California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Area offers day use, and 92 overnight camping sites with no reservations and no fee. Contact 559-539-2321 (summer) or 559-539-2855 (winter) for information.

Balch Park is operated seasonally (May 15 to November 15, weather depending) by Tulare County Parks and Recreation. It is located within Mountain Home State Forest at 6,400 feet with 80 overnight camping sites. Contact 559-539-3896 (summer) or 559-624-7000 (winter) for information.

Balch Park Pack Station offers custom tailored horseback trips through remote unspoiled wilderness. Please call 559-539-2227 or look on the web at www.balchpark.com.

Campgrounds Elevation Sites Season Max. Trailer Potable Water Remarks
S (Single Family)
D (Double Family)
4000 31-S
All Year 24’ Yes Reservations available
Trails Trail # Elevation Miles Remarks
Wishon 30E14 4000-5600 6.0 Fishing, bicycles permitted