Over Snow Vehicle (OSV) Conditions Report

OSV Fun at Mushroom Rock


High Sierra Ranger District


Updated: February 12, 2021

Note: Over Snow Vehicle (OSV) trail grooming took place is taking place. 

To see a listing of trails that are closed please refer to:  

Exhibit A Forest Order No. 05-15-00-21-02

As soon as conditions have been reported this information will be updated.


Trail Name Date Groomed Snow Depth Condition Temp Comments
Kaiser Pass Road  2/4/2021   Good   Open to White Bark Vista and Stump Springs Cut-off.
Mushroom Rock Upper          
Mushroom Rock Lower          
Huntington Lake 2/4/2021   Good   Open to the Dam & Back
Bear Butte @ Badger          
Bear Butte @ Rancheria Falls Rd 2/4/2021   Good   Open to Bear Butte
White Bark Vista          
Willow Trail          
Grouse Creek Huntington Lake          
Grouse Creek @168          
Big Creek          
Midge Creek          
China Peak          
Edison Lake          
Florence Lake          
Deer Creek          
Stump Springs          
Half Corral          
Mt. Tom          
Brown Cone          
Coyote Lake          
Red Mountain          
Strawberry Lake          
Red Fir          
Bald Mt.          
Foster Ridge          
Dinkey Creek          
Rock Creek          
Snow Corral          
Glen Meadow          
Stump Springs          

Trail Considerations:  The Sierra National Forest is working diligently to ensure trails remain groomed on a regular basis, generally grooming is conducted to ensure a good setup overnight when temperatures are still dipping below freezing, and prior to heavier use periods over the weekends.

For more information regarding the snowmobile trails on the Sierra National Forest, please contact the High Sierra Over Snow Vehicle Program at 559-855-5355, ext. 3302

Caution: A concern for members of the public, is to be very cautious using the OSV system. The fluctuating weather and temperatures has melted out the snow on the trails, and has severely hardened the snow, or turned it to ice in many areas. Always be prepared for unexpected and changing condtions.