Yakutat Ranger District

Tide water glacier near Yakutat


The most northern of the ranger districts, the Yakutat ranger district is located on mainland Alaska and is surrounded by tall mountains and massive glaciers. Its setting on the gulf of Alaska provides the area with sandy beaches, waves suitable for surfing, and world-class fishing on the Situk River. The Yakutat Forelands is an important area for migratory birds, and it hosts one of the largest known breeding colonies of Aleutian Terns.

Boat washed up on the beach near Yakutat Beaches

With miles of sandy shoreline, Yakutat boasts some of Southeast Alaska's most extensive, and most renown, beaches.


Holding a small yellow bird Birding

Yakutat is a hidden gem for bird lovers. Boasting a major migratory flyway, the area is a well known stopping point for several species and a nesting area for the Arctic Tern.


Person fishing with their dog Fishing on the Situk River

The Yakutat Ranger District's Situk River is one of the most productive and popular salmon and trout systems in the National Forest System.