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White Mountain Forest Management Story Map

On your next visit to the White Mountain National Forest, explore your favorite places with a new understanding of multiple benefits on public lands.So much of the Forest's story is tied to the geographic areas that makes up the land. Story Maps are great a tool for explaining the hows and whys of land managment in a way that directly represents the land in which those activities take place. The following story maps have been created to help explain that activites of the White Mountain National Forest's resource management activites. 

Forest Management Story Map

The Forest Management Story Map allows you to compare different types of forestry and wildlife habitat management techniques practiced on the White Management through photos of implementation on the ground. You will see aerial photos of the vegetation in a harvest unit grow over time and accompanying evolution of wildlife habitats and food opportunities over this time.

A screenshot the shows the way that recreation, water, natural resources, and research are managed.

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Forestry In Action Story Maps

Forestry has moved past being about only cutting large swathes of timber indiscriminately. Forestry is a management practice that impacts wildlife, watersheds, soil ecology and recreational opportunities in addition to economic activity and often takes place on a time frame measured in decades rather than days. See Forestry in Action in the following story map.

A screen shot of the Forest In ActionStoryMap

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