Resource Management

Timber / Forest Management Reports

Periodic Timber Sale Accomplishment Report (PTSAR)

The regional summary displaying each National Forests current fiscal year timber sale program of volumes advertised, bid, and awarded.

Periodic Timber Sale
Accomplishment Report (PTSAR)


Cut and Sold Reports

Summaries of total volumes and values for forest products sold and harvested from the Northern Region National Forests by Fiscal Year, Calendar Year, and Quarterly through the current Fiscal Year.

Cut and Sold Summary Reports for the Northern Region

Fiscal Year

Calendar Year



Uncut Volume Under Contract

Summary of total uncut volume remaining under contract on active timbers sales, listed by National Forests in the Northern Region.

Cumulative Small Businsess Set-Aside Program Analysis through current period

A regional analysis completed every six months which tracks activity of Small Business timber sale purchases by National Forest.

Timber Sale Program Statistics

Historical report of various timber sale program statistics by National Forest and Fiscal Year.

Summary of Sawlog, Nonsawlog, and Stewardship Volume by Fiscal Year


Individual National Forest Reports


Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF

Bitterroot NF

Clearwater NF

Custer NF

Custer Gallatin NF

Flathead NF

Gallatin NF

Helena NF

Idaho Panhandle NF

Kootenai NF

Lewis & Clark NF

Lolo NF

Nez Perce NF

Nez Perce Clearwater NF



Silviculture Accomplishment Reports:

Annual Silvicultural Accomplishment Report 

Accomplishments for each National Forest's reforestation, timber stand improvement, harvest, tree improvement, nursery, and stand examination for the current Fiscal Year.

Timber Stand Improvement Needs

An annual summary of diagnosed reforestation and timber stand improvements needs identified on each National Forest in the Northern Region.

Acres Harvested by Cutting Method

Historical report of harvest accomplishment information by National Forest and Fiscal Year.

Washington Office - Forest Management Timber Sale Reports