Recently Reopened Recreation Opportunities

Recently Recently Opened Recreation Sites

The Southwestern Region continues to implement a state by state strategy for phased re-openings through June based on risk assessments and available cleaning supplies. The vast majority of the National Forests acres remain open for dispersed camping and use. Changes occur weekly across the region, generally taking effect each Friday. This is a compilation of sites closed due to the Covid epidemic that  have recently reopened or are planned to do so in the next few days.  Note that many sites are being closed for your health and safety as they are in the path of wildfires.  Each forest is working to update recreation site status and conditions, but during large fire situations there may be pressing safety issues that delay updating the websites.  

For the health and safety of our visitors and employees and to prevent accidental wildfires, a campfire ban remains in effect for the Region and a recreational shooting closure remains in effect on the Prescott, Tonto and Coronado National Forests in Arizona. Additional Stage II fire restrictions are in place are in place on the Coconino, Kaibab, Prescott, Tonto and Coronado National Forests in Arizona and the Carson, Santa Fe and Cibola National Forests in New Mexico.

Check recreation site statuses on the National Forest websites: