Great American Outdoors Act FY2022 Projects

The USDA Forest Service is moving forward with implementation of the Great American Outdoors Act, which will enable federal land managers to take aggressive steps to address deferred maintenance and other infrastructure projects on national forests and grasslands through 2025.

The Forest Service will use these funds to maximize the benefits experienced by millions of Americans who visit and use their national forests. Projects funded by this act will focus on improving conditions on forest and rangelands, reducing wildfire risk, and increasing the resiliency of our nation’s forests for present and future generations.

The Forest Service is inviting the public to provide feedback on the projects that are under consideration to be prioritized for funding in Fiscal Year 2022. This opportunity is intended to serve only as a virtual listening session via solicitation of public feedback. Feedback provided will become part of the project record. A response to the feedback submitted during this opportunity will not be provided. Projects selected for funding will be compliant with the National Environmental Policy Act. Public notification and engagement on the selected projects will occur as required by regulation.


Please note that this project list includes projects submitted for funding consideration under the agency’s National Asset Management Program, which includes funding available under the Capital Improvement and Maintenance and Federal Land Transportation Program.

The public has until Nov. 30, 2020 to review and provide feedback on the proposed list. For more details on how to submit your feedback, visit the Great American Outdoors Act virtual sensing webpage.

Title State Project Description
National Forest System Road 289 Bridge Replacement and Improvements AZ Replacement of two-lane bridge, parking lot expansions, and paving of sections throughout the approximately 4.3-mile-long road, to increase visitor safety.
National Forest System Road 618/215 Road Reconditioning  AZ Asphalt maintenance, paving and drainage improvements over the entire length of National Forest System Road 618 and National Forest System Road 215. 
National Forest System Road 22/461 Road Reconstruction  AZ Road reconditioning, new aggregate surfacing, and drainage improvements over 18 miles of National Forest System Road 22 and National Forest System Road 461. 
National Forest System Road 22 Pavement Rehabilitation Phase I AZ New asphalt surfacing, road reconditioning, drainage improvements, and safety improvements over 9 miles of National Forest System Road 22.
National Forest System Road 22 Pavement Rehabilitation Phase II AZ New asphalt surfacing, road reconditioning, drainage improvements and safety improvements to 11 miles of National Forest System Road 22. 
National Forest System Road 552/556 Road Reconditioning AZ Road reconditioning, new aggregate surfacing, and drainage improvements and safety improvements.
Prescott Fire Center Expansion/Renovation AZ Renovation and expansion of building to accommodate additional fire-fighting resources. Prescott Fire Center supports activities nation-wide.
Fossil Creek Road,  National Forest System Road 708 and Rec site improvements (Coconino NF) AZ Resurfacing, drainage improvement, and hazard mitigations on the open section of National Forest System Road 708; construction of a new bridge across Fossil Creek; recreation site improvements to implement the new river plan; and, trail improvements.
New North Kaibab Ranger District Office  AZ Co-locate the North Kaibab Ranger Station and Tanglefoot Work Center into one new administrative site.
Green Base Work Center(Pittman Valley Helibase) Office Replacement AZ Reconstruction of work center, septic system, helipads and site safety improvements.
Mogollon Rim Ranger Station Quarters Replacements AZ Replacement of employee housing.
New Mogollon Rim Ranger Station Office AZ Design and construction of a new Ranger Station at a new site to consolidate the staff and facilities of two existing ranger stations; decommission the unneeded facilities at the existing sites.
New Flagstaff Ranger District Office AZ Construction of new Ranger Station to consolidate the staff at three existing administrative sites and decommission the unneeded facilities at the existing sites.
Mormon Lake Guard Station Project AZ Complete rehabilitation of the 1908 historic dwelling. Install energy/water efficient fixtures. Decommission two structures, including lead-based paint/asbestos abatement. Replace water system at the Beaver Creek Work Center.
Flagstaff Ranger Station & Jacob Lake Work Center Major Deferred Maintenance Repairs AZ Phase 1: Renovate employee housing and design septic system. Phase 2: Decommission septic system and connect to city sewer system; replace roof and install energy-efficient security lights.
Forest wide Asphalt Road Preservation AZ Pavement maintenance to National Forest System Roads 106, 104C, 374, 374D, 374R, 605, 97C, and 334.
Tonto NF Fossil Creek Slope Stabilization Design - Tonto NF AZ Preliminary design (site assessment, site surveys, Geotech investigation, implementation plan) and final design of priority slope stabilization repairs.
Sabino Canyon Parking Expansion AZ Improve access and safety at intersection, increase paved parking capacity, and add bus/RV parking.
Pinegrove Campground Improvement Construction Project AZ Construction of new camping loop to include RV accessible campsites, improve entrance road and existing asphalt campsite parking.
Santa Catalina Ranger District Office AZ Construction of new Ranger Station at Sabino Canyon proximal to existing warehouse, roads, utilities. Modular offices would be decommissioned.
Safford Work Center AZ Relocation of Fire Engine Bay, Equipment Storage and Warehouse to reduced travel and fire response time. 
Replace Gibb Wash Bridge AZ Replacement of existing bridge with bottomless arch and road segment realignment.
Rucker Electric Line Power AZ Installation of overhead electrical power and decommission propane generator. 
Rucker Electric Solar Hybrid Power AZ (Project only valid if Rucker Line Power proposal not selected) Installation of packaged 30 kW grid-tie solar w/storage.
Flagstaff Trail Initiative Collaboration and Trail Network AZ Renovate/replace 4 trailheads with associated infrastructure. Relocate segments of existing trail (~20 mi.) to ensure proper alignment for sustainability. Build new sustainable trail (~15 mi.) In response to priorities identified in collaborative effort.
Lynx Lake North Shore Repaving  AZ Repave National Forest System Road 611 to Walker Road. Includes milling existing asphaltic surface and placing two lifts of hot-mix asphalt. 
MRRD Water system renovations/improvements AZ Improvements to the water systems that supply drinking water for two administrative sites, small campground and group campground.
Mingus Campground Electrical Repair  AZ Upgrade and redesign electrical service to withstand lightning.
Horsethief Basin Rehabilitation AZ Replace existing drinking water system distribution lines and replace hydrants at Hazlett CG, Turney Gulch CG, Kentuck Trailhead, and Horsethief lake.  Repair and stabilize 10 miles of roadway.
National Forest System Road 610 Reconstruction AZ Reconstruct and surface road for improved user safety.
National Forest System Road 320 M.P. 4.6-16.6 Reconstruction AZ Reconstruct road segment for improved user safety by passenger vehicles. 
National Forest System Road 320 M.P. 0.0-4.6 Reconstruction AZ Stabilization and resurfacing of road segment.
National Forest System Road 301 Reconstruction AZ Reconstruct road for improved user safety by passenger vehicles. 
National Forest System Road 82E Reconstruction AZ Road reconditioning, new aggregate surfacing, and drainage improvements and safety improvements.
Fossil Creek Bridge Replacement - National Forest System Road 708 AZ This will replace a load rated bridge with a new structure and demolish the old bridge.
Forest Portal and Recreation Site Sign Replacement Project AZ Replace damaged forest entrance signs (Welcome to the Coconino N.F.) and developed recreation site signs
Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT) Realignment AZ Relocation of 54.5 trails off of roads, maintenance of 15.5 mi. construction of trailhead and bridge, and installation of signage.
Tonto NF- Goldfield Site Development AZ Year 1 of a 3-year phased project - includes survey/design of water and wastewater systems, preparation of concept plan for site development to accommodate increased fire personnel.
Tonto NF- Compost Toilet Conversions AZ Convert the four composting restroom buildings to vault type restrooms
Tonto NF- New Globe District Office & Site Improvements AZ Multi-year project to construct new District Office and warehouse in Globe area.
Pat Mullen Cinder Pit Lead Removal AZ Clean up of soils at recreational target shooting range.
 National Forest System Road 307/310 Road and Parking lot Reconstruction AZ Stabilization of 7 miles of roadway and two parking lots (AZ Trail and Grandview Lookout).
Los Burros Barn and Pinedale Ranger Station Restoration AZ Repair and stabilization of historic buildings.
Bear Mountain Lookout, Caldwell Cabin and Site 2 Barn AZ Repair and stabilization of historic buildings.
Springerville Yard Remodel/Renovation AZ Renovate bathrooms and office space for fire offices and timber crews.  
Black Jack Recreation Site Improvement Project AZ Renovation of campground's road, shade canopy, accessible sidewalk and railing, trail and informational panels, signs and kiosks.  Fire hazard reduction/thinning activities will be conducted.
Coronado Forest wide Toilet Replacement AZ Remove and replace 14 restroom buildings.
Parker Canyon Lake Access and Modernization AZ This phase of the project will repair failed pavement, including subgrade and drainage. Overlay the length of road 48C and reconstruct and overlay select areas of roads 48E/EE.
Cave Springs Campground Reconstruction and Access Road Stabilization AZ Stabilization of campground access road.  
Reconstruct Upper Control Road National Forest System Road 38 AZ First year: aerial survey for drainage, earthwork/design and NEPA. Second year: reconstruct road for long-term durability and reduction of maintenance needs.
National Forest System Road 516 Pavement Rehabilitation AZ This project would include new asphalt surfacing, road reconditioning, drainage, and safety improvements over the entire 7 miles of the road. Road improvements are needed to maintain public access and enhance public safety.
Tusayan Montane Campground(Ten-X) Reconstruction and Expansion AZ Expansion of the existing campground.
4 FRI - Black River Restoration surfacing and stabilization. AZ Surface and stabilize approximately 60 miles of passenger car roads. Routes include National Forest System Road 24, 25, 26, 116 and 249E. 
 Rehabilitation - Skidmore/Bignotti Verde River Access Points AZ  Improvement of road access and installation of new campground amenities including restrooms, picnic and BBQ areas with shade structures, and an Interpretive trail to promote stewardship and awareness of the river resource.    
Granite Basin Rec Area Rehabilitation AZ Repair of campground electrical system, replacement of information kiosks and pavement maintenance. 
Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT) Deferred Maintenance AZ Reconstruction, realignment, and maintenance of 155 miles of the Arizona National Scenic Trail.  Reconstruction of one trailhead, the installation of one toilet and the installation of multiple gates.
Coconino & Kaibab Recreation sites resurfacing project(roads, parking lots, and trailheads) - FY 22-25 AZ Resurfacing of existing recreation site access roads, parking lots, and trailheads across the Coconino and Kaibab N.F's. Work to include aggregate, asphalt, chip sealing, and pavement markings. 
Historic Cabin and Trail Project AZ Trail maintenance on the Historic Cabin Trail Loop system and the General Crook trail.  Repair of three historic cabins.
Red Rock Trail Heavy Deferred Maintenance Project AZ Renovation and repair of high use trailheads and trails in the Sedona area, including protection areas for sensitive wildlife and soils.
Red Rock Trails Universal Access Enhancement Project AZ Year 1 of a 3-year phased project - includes survey/design of new accessible trailhead (Yr. 1); construction of an additional accessible trailhead (Yr. 2); and DM on trails near new TH (Yr. 3). 
Tanque Verde Falls Recreation Enhancement Project AZ Construction of a parking area and trail system to replace the existing user created parking area and trails.  A restroom will be decommissioned at a more remote site and relocated to this area. 
Chiricahuas/Dragoons Fire Protection, Recreation and Access Project AZ Reconstruct and spot surfacing on four roads used to access fuels treatment project areas.  Realignment of the Horseshoe Rd out of the drainage; Relocate a campground to an area outside floodplain. 
Sky Island Trail Maintenance and Improvement AZ Maintenance and improvement of over 1,100 miles of trail forest-wide and maintenance at over 77 trailheads
Forest wide Pavement Preservation and Replacement AZ Pulverize and replace 7 miles of two-lane asphalt and preserve 9 miles of two-lane asphalt.
Reconstruct Road and Parking Area for Angle Orchard AZ Create shoulders, spot surface and improve road drainage and formalize parking area with surfacing aggregate.
Resurface Public and Admin Parking Areas Nogales Ranger Station AZ Replace asphalt pavement and curb in public parking lot.  Pavement preservation on administrative areas.
Improve Sierra Vista Recreation Access, Roads and Trails AZ Upgrade the following roads for recreation access: 2 miles lower Carr Canyon Rd, 0.8 miles Brown Canyon Ranch Road, and construct 3.74 miles of ML2 road for legal access to Meadow Valley. Maintain 30+ miles of trail.
National Forest System Road 300 Road Paving AZ Reconstruct sections of the road subgrade and placement of 6 miles of asphalt to efficiently accommodate high volume of recreation traffic, log truck traffic and many other uses.
Duff Springs Cliff Dwelling and Taylor Cabin Renovation AZ Maintenance on Trails 63 (Sycamore Basin Trail) and 9016 (Duff Springs Trail) that lead to Taylor Cabin and Duff Springs Cliff Dwelling. Both structures would be repaired for historic preservation and public interpretation.
Forest Wide Developed Recreation Site Renovation AZ Renovation of campgrounds across the Apache-Sitgreaves N.F.  This project is a multi-year project with design occurring in the first year.
Forest wide Water and Wastewater Improvement AZ Replacement of the sewage lagoon and potable water storage tanks on Mt. Lemmon.  Replacement of the potable water storage tanks at Rucker Administrative site and Sunny flat CG.
Tonto NF - Forest Wide Pavement Preservation AZ Pavement preservation work at Laguna, Coons Bluff, Blue Point, Sheep’s Crossing, and Tortilla campgrounds on Mesa Ranger District.  Pavement preservation at CCC Group trailhead and Cave Creek trailhead on Cave Creek Ranger District. 
40 GAOA Black Mesa District Interpretive Site Improvements AZ Replacement of interpretive information signs along the Black Canyon Auto Tour and the General Crook trail. 
Tonto NF- Burnt Corral Water System Upgrades AZ Replace existing drinking water system including major components such as distribution lines, hydrants, including upgrades to pumphouse, and pavement patchwork above the waterline.     
Nogales and Sierra Vista Water System Well Projects AZ Phased project, year 1 will provide exploratory well drilling at four sites to indicate if spring sources can be replaced, results will determine next phase. 
Tonto NF- Granite Reef Day Use Site Improvements AZ Reconstruction of existing parking lot and removal of 600 feet of invasive Giant Reed along the shoreline to allow for improved river access points for commercial and public access.
 Tonto NF-AZGFD Fishing-Boating Dock Improvements AZ Remove and replace existing accessible fishing dock and boating access docks at boat ramps on Saguaro and Canyon Lakes.  To be done in partnership with Arizona Game and Fish Department.
Tonto NF Community Trails Improvement AZ Reconstruction and repair 150 mi. of trails including brushing, and tread stabilization. 
Tonto NF Globe RD Pipeline OHV Area Improvements AZ Remove and disposal of existing ramadas, tables and pads. Enclose and develop an off-highway vehicle staging area with fence or rail to prohibit off road travel but allow for off-loading of equipment to drive authorized routes, install signage.
Replace Bear Canyon Bridge AZ Replace existing bridge and realign road approaches. 
Sycamore Canyon Cliff Dwelling Stabilization and Interpretation AZ LIDAR mapping, archaeological inventory and stabilization of the Sycamore Canyon Cliff Dwelling. 
Regional Bridge Design and NEPA AZ Design associated with the replacement of 6 bridges determined to be structurally or functionally deficient.  NEPA will be completed on eight previously designed bridges that need NEPA for construction implementation
Wilderness District Office Replacement NM Construction of new Ranger Station to consolidate staff in one building and decommission modular office.
Forest-wide Bridge Deferred Maintenance Project NM Minor repair work to maintain/improve road and trail bridge conditions.
Forest-wide Lookout Tower Repairs NM Rebuild the cab at Mangas Mountain and minor repairs at 8 other lookouts on the Gila National Forest.
Forest-wide Engine Bay Replacement NM Construction of new Engine Bays at Luna Work Center, Quemado Admin Site, Wilderness Ranger Station and Glenwood Admin Site to accommodate the new (larger) fire engines.
Rio Chama Wild & Scenic River Public Access Enhancements NM Redesign/construct river access points to address conflict, congestion, and resource impacts; enhance campground and group camp amenities and develop trailhead to access Continental Divide Trail.
Greater Santa Fe Trails Collaborative and Trail Network NM Design and build approximately 100 miles of new multi-use and purpose-built trail and 6 new trailheads on NFS lands in response to priorities identified in collaborative effort. 
Las Huertas Canyon Access Improvements NM Renovate recreation site, associated access roads and bridges to improve user safety and protect resources.
Enhancing Public and Admin Use of Historic Structure and Cabin Restoration NM Rehabilitate three administrative historic cabins for use as public rentals and 14 three-sided historic log shelters currently in use at four campgrounds.  
Silver Campground Complex and Nature Trail Capital Investment Proposal NM Renovation of campground to include wastewater system replacement, road realignment, construction of accessible sites, trails, and pathways.
Bluff Springs Recreation Area and Willie White Trailhead Improvements NM Reconstruct trailhead to include hardened accessible surface, interpretive signs, replace existing trail bridge, reconstruct sustainable 20-mile loop trail system and construct floating deck trail to protect threatened vegetative species.
Juan Tabo and La Cueva Recreation Site Modernization NM Reconstruction of road and parking areas, including expansion, to address safety and resource concerns. Site amenities such as tables and toilets will be replaced and interpretation signage on CCC and wilderness ethics installed. 
Glorieta Baldy Lookout Refurbishing NM Rehabilitate historic fire lookout to allow use as active fire lookout and as recreation rental. Enhance ancillary facilities for admin and public use, including addressing 4 miles access road reconditioning.
Fourth of July Campground Improved Access and National Forest System Road#55 Reconstruction NM Improving road access, parking, surfacing, recreation site amenity updates, decommissioning of defunct features, and other mitigation measures along National Forest System Road 55 and at sites of Fourth of July Campground and Albuquerque Trailhead.
Cosmic Campground NM Construction of an observation site, two campgrounds, road improvements, tent pads with tables and grills, a pavilion to provide shade, a central vault toilet, and fence.
Gila NF Romero Creek Bridge Replacement NM Replacement of existing concrete bridge.  The bridge is on a major haul route for forest restoration projects.   
El Rito CG Renovation and Improvement NM Reconfigure and replace site delineation barrier rock, fencing, gates, fire rings, tables, signs, and low water crossing at the group shelter and the campground.  
FLTP - AOP Improvement - Tularosa Crossing  NM Remove the existing low water crossing structure and build a new structure that will allow for aquatic organism passage.
Nine Mile Recreation Improvements NM Reconstruction of the Nine Mile recreation site.  This phase will replace site amenities such as restrooms, tables, fire rings, and grills.
Echo Amphitheater CG Renovation NM Renovation of campground host site, restrooms, concrete sidewalks, and retaining walls leading to the amphitheater, allowing for accessible recreation opportunities. 
Lake Roberts Deferred Maintenance NM This a multi-year design and reconstruction project that would address lake dredging, silt removal, traffic flow, road/trail maintenance, lake amenities, accessibility and slope stabilization for the Lake Roberts Recreation Area.
Forest-wide Critical Water and Wastewater System Replacement NM Improvements to water and/or wastewater systems at Jack's Creek campground, Panchuela Campground, Field Tract Campground, and Links Tract Campground
Cibola NF & NG Ojo Redondo Bridge Replacement NM Replacement of structurally deficient bridge.  
Jemez National Recreation Area Dispersed Recreation Management NM Construction of a network of low impact camp opportunities, trails, and toilets to mitigate natural and cultural resource impacts within the Jemez National Recreation Area.
Jack's Creek Road (National Forest System Road 555) Stabilization NM Repair of three road prism failure sites and reconstruction of 0.85 miles of roadway.  
Lincoln Bridge Repairs and Replacement  NM Resurfacing, painting, and installation of guard rails on 2 pedestrian bridges.  Removal one bridge that was built in a T&E species habitat. Repairing wing walls of road bridge that is essential to logging operations.
Lincoln Forest Sign Program NM Sign installation on roads, trails, and bridges to increase user access and safety. 
Lincoln NF Multi Facilities Electrical Upgrade NM Upgrade of old electrical systems on five buildings, solar panel and energy efficient equipment installation. 
South Fork Campground and Trailhead Capital Improvements NM Repave the road from the intersection of FSR 107 through the campground including spurs and pathways, replace the water tank and solar array, reclamation of old trailhead, construction of new trailhead with parking and toilet.
Cedar Creek Trail Access Capital Improvement NM Trailhead design and constriction that includes multi use pedestrian/bike bridge or water crossings and construction of accessible trail. 
Gila NF South Negrito Creek Bridge Replacement NM Replace the existing bridge which is located on a major route in the heart of the Gila N.F. providing access to recreation sites, Gila Wilderness, Negrito Fire Base, and haul road for restoration projects. 
La Bobita Overflow CG Conversion Improvement NM Replacement of restrooms, tables, and fire rings.
Hopewell Lake Day Use and Campground Renovations & Improvements NM Renovation of the accessible lake access trail, expansion of the group shelter parking lot, and relocation of the trailhead for the Continental Divide Trailhead to the day use area.
Quemado Lake Rec Areas Reconstruction and Accessibility Upgrades NM Update infrastructure to provide universal access, replace aging infrastructure with sustainable materials, improve access, traffic flow, visitor information, and provide high quality and safe recreational experiences.
Whitewater Trail (TR 207.1)/Catwalk National Recreation Trail (CNRT) NM Improvements to increase visitor safety and accessibility to 17 miles within the Whitewater Trail corridor.
Jemez National Recreation Area Recreation Site Pavement Preservation Project NM Repair and replace failing asphalt parking lots, driveways, and/or pedestrian paths in 17 recreation sites. 
Canjilon Lakes National Forest System Road 129 Alkali Spring Road Repaving Project NM Installation of new culverts, milling and overlay of existing asphalt pavement to improve drainage and provide for improved user safety.  Access to recreation sites will be improved. 
Gila Wilderness and Urban Interface Trail Access Improvement  NM Improve access to 39 trails on the Gila N.F.  Work to include resource protection, improved user safety and improved visitor experiences.  
Lincoln Cabin Rental Remodel  NM Repair three historic cabins and place them in the cabin rental program.
Lincoln NF Water System Upgrades NM Repair and replacement of water systems across the forest as well as eliminate one septic system. Installation of new freeze proof hydrants at all recreational sites. 
Lincoln road/ gravel pit  NM Reopen an existing gravel pit to produce aggregate that can be used across the forest.