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Field Guide to Noxious and Invasive Weeds: Known to Occur or Are Potentially Occurring on the Apache-Sitegreaves National Forests

Compiled and Edited by 
Mitchel R. White, Ph.D.
Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

Within Arizona, the Arizona Department of Agriculture has been given the overall responsibility for regulating noxious and invasive weeds within the state. Arizona law requires the department to maintain a noxious weed list that categorizes invasive plants based on their presence or absence in Arizona and on the ability of land managers to regulate a particular plant once it occurs in the state. Unfortunately, more new noxious and invasive weed species are found each year, and requests to add new species to the noxious weed list are increasing.

The noxious and invasive weeds listed in this document have been introduced to Arizona from other places without the accompaniment of their natural predators to keep them in check. As a result, these plants can overwhelm native plant species and spread dramatically year by year.

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