The Black Kettle and McClellan Creek National Grasslands and the Kiowa and Rita Blanca National Grasslands (often referred to as the Cibola Grasslands) have just developed a new Grasslands Plan. This new plan became effective October 16, 2012. This plan and other related documents can be accessed at the 2012 Cibola Grasslands site.


Forest Plan Revision for the Cibola National Forest’s Four Mountain Districts. The Cibola is one of eight "early adopter" forests who will be completing forest plan revision using the 2012 Planning Rule for the Magdalena, Mountainair, Sandia, and Mount Taylor Ranger Districts.

The Cibola's mountain districts will continue to be managed under the guidance of the 1985 Land and Resource Management Plan until the current forest plan revision effort for the mountain districts is completed. Information on the revision process, timelines, and other related information for can be accessed on the Forest Plan Revision site.


Forest Plan Revision

The Cibola National Forest and National Grasslands (The Cibola) is revising its 1985 Land and Resource Management Plan (forest plan) for the Sandia, Mountainair, Magdalena, and Mt. Taylor Ranger Districts. Find out where we are in the process and how to get involved.

Cibola National Forest Draft Plan, Draft EIS, maps, and relevant documents


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