Event/Commercial Permits

A special use permit is permission for individuals or other entities to conduct an activity on National Forest System land that is beyond the normal day-to-day use of the forest. For example, you do not need a permit to go hiking with a small group of friends, but you would likely need a permit if you wanted to host a mountain bike race.


Event and Commercial Permit Applications 


Application Process

The application procedures and requirements are slightly different for each use.  All proposals are screened through two levels of criteria. 

  • The first level is to determine, among other things, if the proposed use is legal, and will not create a serious risk to public health or safety. 
  • The second level is a review of the proponent’s financial and technical capability to follow through on their plan. 

Proposals that pass both levels of screening are accepted as applications.  Each application must be studied thoroughly for its effects on the environment. This process is conducted twice per year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall, with all applications brought before our resource specialists and decision makers so issues can be identified and a plan identified for each project.   


Submitting an Application

All applications must be submitted to Special Use Permit Administrator Jen Edmonds.





Mailing Address:

Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests, attn.: Jen Edmonds
PO Box 220
Rutland, VT 05702