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little boy fishingThe Hoosier National Forest is a fun place with lots to do. Check out one of our Interpretive Programs at our Recreation Areas . These are generally great programs for families and kids. 

Bring your fishing gear and an adult and catch a fish at one of our fishing derbies

In June you may want to bring your children to Get Outdoor Day in Bedford or to Adventures in Nature Day at Tipsaw Lake Recreation Area.

There are trails to hike, creeks to wade in, campgrounds and beaches, and bugs and animals to study. There is something for everyone here so get your parents out of the house and into the Forest!


Adventures With Nature Day

Adventures With Nature brings together several organizations and agencies work together to make the day fun and educational day for kinds in f the Forest. Partners agencies set up activities for families to explore and learn about outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family.

Fishing Derbies on the Hoosier National Forest

Three images: a little boy proudly holing a fish, a girl showing an entry, and a family fishing

Fishing derbies on National Forests are always fun events for kids to look forward to and many return to participate each year. Even if a kid has never fished, experts are on hand to show them the art of casting and putting a worm on a hook. Each derby includes other activities and often include prizes in several categories.

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People of the Forest Coloring Book

People of the Forest coloring book cover

This interpretive coloring book, developed by Noel and Suzanne Justice, illustrates the history of Native Americans in southern Indiana.

Flat Stanley Visits Southern Indiana

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley, a geography school project came to visit on the Hoosier National Forest. Read about some of his adventures. If you have Flat Stanley come to visit - send us your pictures!


Birds of Prey Coloring Book

cover of Birds of Prey

A kid's coloring book featuring Indiana's birds of prey drawn by former Forest Service employee Janet Farless. Learn about birds as you color these beautiful drawings of birds. 

Cave Coloring Book

cover of Cave Coloring Book

This interpretive coloring book describes the geologic features and animal life within a cave. 

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