The Hoosier National Forest is located in the south center part of Indiana.
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Brochures and Publications

The Hoosier National Forest has recreation information fliers on trails and recreation areas and other publications available for downloading, or which can be mailed to you on request. Click here for more information.

Forest Maps Available

How to Order Maps

Several maps are available from the Hoosier National Forest:

Forest Map

Topographic Maps

Charles C. Deam Wilderness Map

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

National Geographic Trails Map

Free Hoosier Mini Map (on line only - not available in print)

Historical Maps (on line only - not available in print)

 Forest Visitor Map

(Scale: 1/2 inch = 1 mile) $10.00 each

One map, printed on water resistant paper, covers both districts of the Hoosier National Forest. Some recreation information is also included. This large map (27"x32") shows public ownership, roads, structures, and all recreation facilities. In full color, this map also features photographs of areas throughout the Forest.

Topographic Maps

(Scale: 1 inch = 2,000 feet) $8.00 each

These maps are also known as 7.5 minute Quads. When ordering topographic maps, you must specify which map you want by quadrangle name or number. There are a total of 30 maps which cover the Hoosier. The grids will help you locate a specific quad. Only grids with national forest lands (shown in green) are available from our offices.  For a more detailed map to make your topographic sheet selection from see the featured item on topographic maps below.  Topographic maps show Forest Service ownership as well as other topographic and cultural features. These are ideal maps for hunters or cross country hikers as you can, with practice, determine your exact location from these maps. Each quad sells for $8. There is a charge of $3.50 per order for mailing any amount of topographic sheets ordered. Note- the contour interval of maps on the Hoosier is 10 feet.

map of topo grids


Charles C. Deam Wilderness Map

(Scale: 1 inch = 2,000 feet)  $1.00 each

This topographic map of the entire wilderness area is printed in full color on waterproof paper. Contour lines and trails are shown as well as many striking photographs, a history of the wilderness, and other wilderness information.

 National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map

(Scale: 1 inch = 2,500 feet) $11.95 + tax each

This topographic map, produced by National Geographic, features trail systems on the Forest including: the Charles C. Deam Wilderness trails, Birdseye, Brown County D, Celina and Two Lakes Loop, German Ridge, Hardin Ridge, Hemlock Cliffs, Hickory and Nebo Ridge, Lick Creek, Mogan Ridge, Oriole, Pioneer Mothers, Saddle and Tipsaw Lake, Shirley Creek, and Youngs Creek.

Printed on waterproof/tear-proof paper.

Map sells for $11.95, plus sales tax ($12.79). It is sold through the Hoosier National Forest office by the Eastern National Forests Interpretive Association (ENFIA).  Checks or money orders for this map should be made out to "ENFIA" and separate checks need to be written if other maps are also ordered from USDA, Forest Service.

Ordering Maps

The maps listed above can be ordered from the Hoosier National Forest office. Sales are by cash, credit card, check or money order payable to the USDA Forest Service (with the exception of the trails map which should be payable to ENFIA). Please report any errors you find in our maps.


Topographic maps

topographic map clipart

Topographic maps are larger scale maps showing Forest ownership, topography and geographic features. We recommend hunters and other outdoorsmen who are do not intend to stay on trails to have these maps to ensure they stay on national forest land.

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