Passes & Permits

The Hoosier manages many resources to care for the land and serve people. Permits are required to protect natural resources, maintain public health and safety, and uphold the resource management goals outlined in the Forest Plan. Additionally, permits assist in funding recreation maintenance and improvements and certain land management and conservation projects.


Recreation Passes & Permits

Riding the trails

Entry passes are required for some developed recreation areas on the Hoosier National Forest. Trail Permits are required for all horseback and most mountain bike riding on the Hoosier National Forest. Find out more about these passes and permits and where to get them. 

Forest Products Permits

A man stands a top a truck bed full of walnuts.

Firewood, mushrooms, minerals, and historical items. Forest products permits cover edible material and decorative material used for personal or commercial purposes, as well as some personal mineral extraction. Find which require a permit, which are free for you to enjoy, and which you should leave in place.


Event/Commercial Permits

A large group of people occupy a shelter at Hardin ridge.

Planning an event like a wedding or a race? Looking to start an oufitter or guide business or do some commercial filming?  Special Use permits help us protect natural resources. 

Other Permits

A power line runs through trees along a hillside

Businesses and property owners that need more flexible assistance with issues of land usage on the Hoosier National Forest or require more specialized agreements should start here.