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Maps can be purchased at any of our offices or online in some cases.

Avenza Mobile App

The Forest Service now has a Mobile App where you can purchase electronic versions of our maps.

General District Maps

Forest Visitor Maps

Cover for Smokey Bear and Sacramento Forest Visitor Map

Cover for Guadalupe Forest Visitor Map

We offer two different Forest Visitor Maps

  • Sacramento and Smokey Bear and Ranger Districts
    (near Cloudcroft and Ruidoso, NM)
  • Guadalupe Ranger District
    (near Carlsbad, NM)

These maps are our most popular sellers and are perfect for general navigation throughout the forest and show open roads and trails, hunting unit boundaries, surface ownership, recreational areas and more.

Cost: $14-19 each
Scale: 1/2" to 1 mile (1:126,720)

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(Maps also available at our offices)

Wilderness Maps

Cover image for the White Mountains Wilderness Map

Cover image for the Capitan Mountains Wilderness Map

The Lincoln has two different wilderness area maps.

  • White Mountain Wilderness
  • Capitan Mountain Wilderness

These maps have a closer and more detailed view of the area and are a great source of information for hikers and backpackers looking to visit the wilderness area.

Cost: $14-19 each
Scale: 2.64" to 1 mile (1:24,000)

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(Maps also available at our offices)

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Cover image for the Motor Vehicle Use Map

The Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM's) are your legal document for where you can and cannot take a motorized vehicle. They show where you can legally drive, take your motorcycles, ATVs or UTVs and where you can disperse camp (aka road-side camp).

Cost: FREE
Scale: 1/2" to 1 mile (1:126,720)
(Paper, black and white copies only available)

Only Available at Our Offices

Lincoln National Forest Atlas

Quad Atlas Cover Image

All of the Quad Maps for the Lincoln National Forest in a complete atlas. This atlas is most popular with our hunters but is valuable for many other uses as well. It contains very detailed maps of the entire forest including open and closed routes to help with navigating, private land and USFS land boundaries and much more.

These are copies of the individual quad maps but have been decreased in size to fit nicely into a handy atlas

Cost: $24 each
Scale: 1" to 1 mile (1:63,360)

Only Available at Our Offices

USGS Quad Maps

The Lincoln National Forest offers USGS-style quadrangle maps for sale in our offices only. These maps are most popular with our hunters who will only be hunting in a specific area. There are 71 of these maps so it is best to come and visit us in person to determine which maps you require. These maps contain lots of detail and are about 24" x 30" in size.

Cost: $8 each
Scale: 2.64" to 1 mile (1:24,000)
Media: Paper

Only Available at Our Offices

Flight Hazard Maps

Flight Hazard Map - Click to download geopdf
Lincoln Forest Flight Hazard Map