Forest Products Permits



10/21/2019: We can sell personal use fuelwood permits at this time.

Fuelwood permits are one of the most frequently issued permits on the Forest. The fuelwood cutting season is generally year-round, and several types of permits are available.  Please note that areas change often due to the availability of wood, weather, and other reasons so always check before you go to ensure the best use of your time.

Call your local ranger district (see bottom left for phone numbers) for the most current information.

  • Permits purchased within a calendar year will expire at the end of each calendar year (December 31st)
  • New permits will need to be purchased in January of each new year.
  • Fuelwood may not be gathered within wilderness areas.
  • Sorry, no refunds once a permit is purchased
  • Permits may only be purchased at one of our four Lincoln National Forest offices in Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Cloudcroft or Ruidoso

Fuelwood Guide 2020





Dead and Down:

  • The cost of a dead and downed permit is $20.00 for up to 4 cords of wood.
  • Some areas have stacked piles ready for you, others you will have to gather to cut.
  • Once a permit is purchased you may gather wood from any of the dead/down areas throughout the Forest.
  • On the Guadalupe Ranger District you may gather dead/down material off of every USFS open road on USFS lands.

Green Standing:

  • The cost of a green standing permit is $20.00 for up to 4 cords of cut wood.
  • You are limited to green/standing areas only, except on the Guadalupe Ranger District where you may cut off of any USFS open road up to 50' from the road.

Here are a few fuelwood cutting tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable experience:

Be sure you understand your permit.
  • Never cut alone.
  • Scatter branches and other debris.
  • Cut in only designated or specified areas.
  • Help keep your forests clean, PACK TRASH OUT.
  • Leave gates as you found them.
  • Do not drive off road if the ground is soft or wet.
  • Always carry your permit with you.
  • Remember all permits expire two months after the issue date unless specified otherwise on the permit.



Maps of each fuelwood area are located on the right-hand side of this page. 






In addition to fuelwood, there are a variety of other products that can be gathered on the Lincoln National Forest. Please check with the local District Office for information on permits on products from mistletoe to products like pine nuts and latillas.