For almost a century, since 1905, USDA Forest Service employees have been on the front line of conservation, intelligent resource utilization, and wildland management. Today, there is more excitement, greater challenge, and more career variety than ever before available to people who join the Nation's premier forest management agency. Managing 51,000 square miles of the most magnificent lands in our nation is a great responsibility. Managing it in ways that are most effective for the land, water, air, wildlife, and people of America is our mission.



Forest Service employees enjoy a flexible range of benefits in working for the federal government.  Read more


Find a Job with the Forest Service

You can find information about all permanent and temporary positions currently open within the Forest Service at USA Jobs.

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit 2022 Temporary Employment Announcements

Oct. 30, 2021 - The application period for 2022 temporary positions with the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit is open from Nov. 5 through Nov. 12. All applications must be submitted through USAJobs at www.usajobs.gov. View the outreach notices below.


Find a Job with the Federal Government

The Federal Government offers positions for both permanent and temporary employees.  Read more


People in Fire

Read more about the highly-skilled, hardworking cast of thousands it takes to battle wildland fires.


Like most federal workers, U.S. Forest Service employees are paid on the General Schedule (GS) pay plan.  Read more


Student Programs

The Forest Service also has many opportunities for part-time and temporary employment for high school and college students, including internships and cooperative student opportunities.



Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Forest Service. The types of work a volunteer can perform are many and varied.
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