Malheur National Forest Plan - 1990

Forest Plan Amendments

Eastside Screens

Invasive Plant Program

The Malheur National Forest is using an integrated approach to manage invasive plants, which includes prevention; manual, mechanical, herbicide, biological control and cultural treatments; and restoration work. View Malheur Invasive Plant Program documents.

Aquatic Restoration

View information about  aquatic restoration projects at Malheur National Forest where restoration activities aid in the recovery of aquatic species and impaired water bodies. 

Blue Mountain Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

The Monitoring and Evaluation Report documents the monitoring results for the three Blue Mountain Forests - the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman.

Engineering and Roads Management

The Engineering and Roads program works with all management programs across the forest. Malheur National Forest- Forest-wide Roads Analysis (.pdf)