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Forest Plan Revision

The Current Manti-La Sal National Forest Plan was published in 1986.  Since that time the needs of the Forest and the surrounding communities have changed.  New scientific knowledge has become available; additional land management laws have been put into place; and the needs of the resource, and local economies are different.  The Manti-La La Sal National Forest is currently revising its Forest Plan to best meet the current and future needs of the Forest and its surrounding communities.


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The Planning Process

Arrow for phase one that explains more in depth what happens in that phaseSpecific guidance for developing a Forest Plan is detailed in the 2012 Planning Rule which emphasizes collaboration and the role of public involvement.


The Plan Revision process includes Three Phases: Assessment, Plan Development & NEPA, Monitoring & Plan Implementation.

Each phase has specific tasks and requirements which can be found in the Planning Rule and multiple opportunities for public participation.


The Forest Plan Revision process is expected to take four years, with a decision and final plan available in 2022.


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When preparing a new Forest Plan, in addition to developing an Assessment and Need for Change, the Planning Rule requires that several concurrent analyses be completed to best inform the plan.


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How to Stay Involved

The Manti-La Sal National Forest is committed to providing meaningful opportunities for participation throughout the Forest Plan Revision process for the Public, State, Local and Tribal governments and communities.

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Calendar of Events

Cooperating Agency Dates

  • 18 April - Cooperating Agency Meeting