Forest Products Permits


Firewood permits are on sale beginning in June through November 30 each year. Firewood permits authorize a four-cord minimum purchase, and a ten-cord maximum purchase per household. A cord is defined as tightly piled wood in a stack four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long. 

Fuelwood permits on the Ferron/Price and Sanpete districts are available at $5 per cord. Moab and Monticello fuelwood permits are available at $5 per cord for the standard permit. There is a four-cord ($20.00) minimum purchase, and a ten-cord maximum per household.

A valid permit is required prior to an individual collecting and removing any forest product, including fuelwood, from National Forest System lands. For all Firewood Permit Rules and Regulations click here. To see restricted areas for Firewood cutting please see the following maps: North Zone Map, North Zone Skyline Map, North Zone Millers Flat / Cleveland Reservoir Map, Moab Map, Monticello Map.


Christmas Trees: designed tree

Christmas tree permits are sold from October through the middle of December. Permits are sold online through Details about designated cutting areas, dates and types of trees that may be cut may be found here.

Fourth graders with an Every Kid Outdoors pass are eligible for a free holiday tree permit through their local National Forest.  To obtain a free holiday tree permit, visit to apply using the Every Kid Outdoors pass by checking the box indicating you have a pass and entering the pass or voucher number.

To purchase a Christmas Tree permit, visit and search for Manti-La Sal National Forest Christmas Tree Permits.  It is important to carefully read the overview and need-to-know information prior to purchasing the permit.  Visitors will also need to set up or login to a account to complete the transaction.

Maps: Moab Map, Monticello Map, Ferron/Price/Sanpete Map


Post, Pole & Seed:

The Manti-La Sal National Forest is currently issuing post & pole and seed permits.
These permits are in addition to the fuelwood permits, which are available for up to four cords per household.


Rocks & Meteorite

Rock hunting (surface collection of rocks and agates, excluding meteorites and fossils), for personal, hobby, and noncommercial use only, is allowed without a permit. Limitations are one five-gallon bucket per day, per person, with a total limit of 250 pounds of rock per year.  For other uses of rock material, contact the local Forest Service Office.  Trading, bartering, or selling rocks and agates from National Forest System Lands is not allowed.

Meteorite is a stony or metallic object from interplanetary space that has fallen to the earth’s surface. The collection of meteorites for personal, hobby, educational, and noncommercial use is allowed without a permit. 


Fossil Collecting:

The collection and/or duplication of vertebrate fossils, including vertebrate trace fossils, from National Forest System Lands requires a permit (36 CFR 261.9 (i)).   Permits are issued to qualified paleontologists, who curate fossils and their duplicates into federally approved facilities.

No permits for the collection of any fossils (plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, or any trace fossils) are issued for commercial purposes, except for petrified wood. Trading, bartering, or selling any fossil material (plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, or any trace fossils) removed from National Forest System Lands is prohibited.

For more in-depth information on rocks, meteorites, artifacts, and fossils on national forest system lands, visit here.


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