Advisory Committees

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Join the Southern Utah Resource Advisory Committee

One of the best ways to influence the care and use of our Forest Service lands is to join a Forest Service Resource Advisory Committee, also known as a RAC. The Southern Utah Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) members are responsible for reviewing and recommending projects proposed under Title II of the Secure Rural Schools Act by participating counties. If you live in Utah and have experience within a qualifying category below, you may be eligible to become one of the 15 committee members who are essential to recommending how SRS funding is used for the protection, restoration and enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat, and other natural resource objectives on National Forest System lands. We encourage all interested individuals to apply.

Apply Today

Fill out the RAC Application Form, then email your form to by April 30, 2024. If you have questions, please call Danny Strand, Partnership Coordinator at 435-704-8374.

Requirements and What to Expect

The Southern Utah RAC is a group of 15 people selected by the Secretary of Agriculture from a variety of backgrounds to represent the diverse usage groups of each forest. RAC members help to review and advise on the best use of governmental, and non-governmental funding proposals for projects on each forest. As a group, they give organized input about the projects and funding usage which is then submitted to the Forest Supervisor for approval.

To join the Southern Utah RAC, you must:

  • Live within the state of Utah, preferably in a  municipality covered by the committee.
  • Be available to meet approximately four times per year virtually or in a public meeting space.
  • Serve a four-year term (with option to be reappointed for additional terms). 
  • Be a subject matter expert within one of the categories below.
  • Submit application by April 30, 2024

Subject Matter Experts Needed from the Following Categories:

  • Category A: Five members who represent energy and mineral development; the commercial timber industry; organized labor or non-timber forest product harvester groups; developed outdoor recreation; off-highway vehicle users, or commercial recreation; federal grazing or other land permits; or represent nonindustrial private forest landowners.
  • Category B: Five members who represent nationally, regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations; dispersed recreational activities; archaeological and historical interests; or nationally or regionally recognized wild horse and burro interest groups, wildlife or hunting organizations, or watershed associations.
  • Category C: Five members who hold state elected office; hold county or local elected office; represent Indian tribes within or adjacent to the area for which the Council is organized; are school officials or teachers with knowledge in natural resource management or the natural sciences; or represent the affected public-at-large and/or are employed by a state agency responsible for the management of natural resources, land or water.

Resource Advisory Committees are established as a provision under Title II of the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act. This committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending projects for funding under Title II of the Act. Committee members represent many different national forest interests, read more about Resource Advisory Committees on the USDA website.