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What's Available At Midewin?

Welcome Center

Come check out the Welcome Center! See our display explaining how glaciers formed the landscape here at Midewin or check out our displays on wetland, prairie and other habitats and the wildlife that inhabitat them. Check out our timeline of Midewin's history going back to the 1600's or participate in one of our many programs or tours! Visit the Welcome Center site page for more information.


Bison Viewing and Learning IconThe Bison Project

Come learn about bison at Midewin! Take a hike around and see if you can find the bison on the prairie or stop in at the welcome center and check out one of the bison boxes. 




Activities at Midewin

  • Learn more about what kinds of birds live at Midewin and where they like to live in our Bird section.
  • What kind of amphibians and reptiles live at Midewin? Find out in our Amphibian and Reptile section.
  • Find out more about the native plant seedbeds
  • Did you know that Midewin used to be the Joliet Army Ammunition plant? Did you know that some of the aresnal bunkers are still here? And did you know that the land of Midewin has been home to people for over a thousand years! Read more about what happened at Midewin in the History and Culture section and then walk around the bunkers and check out the bunker graffitti!


National Resources

US Forest Service Specific




Get Outside!



The Bison Project - Homepage

big bison in a field

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, National Forest Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and many others partnered to bring the bison back to Midewin.

Native Seed Production

Aster - native seed production spotlight photo

There aren’t enough prairie remnants to provide sufficient seeds for Midewin’s restoration needs. Read more on how we worked to provide seed for restoration.


Learn about Midewin's Past!

Underground Railroad Mural

Land of the Potawatomi (Bodéwadmik), homestead land, and ammunition arsenal plant. Midewin has a long history in Illinois!

Be Safe! Be Light On the Land!

Poison Ivy

Know how to be safe in nature, and how to protect nature for future visitors!


Birds at Midewin!

Upland Sandpipler - spotlight photo

Midewin is famous for grassland birds, a group of birds that is imperiled in North America because of habitat loss.

Frogs, Turtles and Snakes! Oh, My!

Amphibians and Reptiles of Midewin spotlight image

Midewin is one of the best places in northeastern Illinois to see amphibians and reptiles.