Working Together

POC Volunteers in Hunter OrangeVolunteers and partners are fundamental participants in planning for and managing Midewin. Hundreds of volunteers and organizations, clubs, companies, and groups are helping achieve the vision of Midewin as a restored native landscape where people can enjoy and learn in the outdoors.

Individual volunteers bring a wonderful diversity of skills and knowledge that enhance native seed production, trail construction and maintenance, environmental education, heritage projects, and many other activities.

Key partners are helping fund the restoration of native habitat. Without these generous contributions, the progress we have made in restoration during the last decade would not have been possible. 



The Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie is headquartered in Wilmington, Ill. All contracting for supplies, services, construction, A&E, and stewardship contracts for Midewin are performed from the supervisor’s office in Wilmington, Ill.


The "Submit Invoice-to" address for USDA orders is the Department of Treasury's Invoice Processing Platform (IPP). All invoices are to be submitted online via the electronic Invoice Processing Platform. This is a mandatory requirement initiated by the U.S. Department of Treasury and you can find more information at this website Your company must register at to establish an account in order to submit an invoice on any awarded contract.

Three sites provide information on contracting with the federal government:


Volunteer stream monitorsVolunteering

Volunteers are recognized as a strong part of the culture at Midewin and help staff accomplish ambitious goals. Volunteers offer a wide range of skills and are also motivated by learning new ones.

Midewin’s volunteer program is coordinated through a partnership between the U.S. Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy.

To volunteer with Midewin select the link to the left or below to find out what opportunities area available and how to sign up.